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Full Version: Terrain abuse - Carrymeplz
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1) Character name : Carrymeplz
2) Reason : Terrain abuse in arena -

The player Carrymeplz often come in arena and abuse terrain.
He goes on the side of the arena where there's fence. He then proceed to go on the very edge to be able to shoot everyone (not just alliance but also hord). Then when someone try to attack him he goes back and hide behind the fence.

I told him to stop it but he started bullshitting me like "he was just there chilling and never shoot anyone"

3)Proof :
1) We can see here that i could dot him wich proove he was able to hit both faction while not in arena. We can also see that i was viper sting by him.

[Image: 1518030035-wowscrnshot-020718-193022.png]
[Image: 1518030036-wowscrnshot-020718-193124.png]

Thank you for the report.

Closed thread.