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Full Version: PvE BiS gear, talents, basics & rotations, buffs & consumables spreadsheet
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An abstract PvE related overview of Vanilla on Retro:
  • BiS gear
  • talent specs
  • class basics
  • rotations
Obviously some gear/talent choices are debatable and situational (encounter, group comp and buff scaling). Tailored to the current Retro core, subject to change for core updates.

PvE BiS gear, talents, class basics & rotations

The spreadsheet also features some bonus PvE stuff:
  • a¬†buff & consumable sheet, listing stuff used for endgame raiding in 2006
  • a list of class buffs and debuffs
  • a melee group/buff setup for speedruns
  • a caster group/buff setup for speedruns
  • a list of interesting items
  • client settings
  • macros
  • an addon list and my UI (AddOns and WTF folder)
  • Retro specific attunements and how to most efficiently do them
  • boss stats and how they're affected by classes.
The spreadsheet will be updated over time, there won't be a changelog though.

Can any1 please explain why is Broken tooth considered the best pet? Some forums say wind serpent from zg or lupos.
cuz his attack speed
Thanks for this. Very nice work. The consumables cheatsheet was especially very helpful, I had completely forgotten about the Blasted Lands stat buffs.
Np, thanks! Having forgotten a lot myself, was a trigger for me to start relearning and to make the document :).