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Full Version: PVE BiS gear, talents, buffs & consumables spreadsheet
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Just raw data, no fancy representation. Basically using stealing tons of Calder's info as input (1 and 2). Obviously some gear/talent choices are debatable and situational (encounter, group comp and buff scaling). Tailored to the current Retro core, subject to change for core updates.

PVE BiS gear, talents, buffs & consumables spreadsheet

I use this spreadsheet as a gear tracker for alt-looting, so I don't have to relog alts constantly to check whether I have items or not. You could make a copy or download the spreadsheet and mark the cells of the items and enchants you have acquired green.

The spreadsheet also features a buff/consumable sheet, listing stuff used for endgame raiding in 2006.
Layout makeover, one sheet per class now.

Many tweaks.
Also added seasonal Midsummer Festival buffs;  Elune's Blessing and food quest rewards (annual recurrence).
Added macros and an addon list.
Adding class basics and rotations, will get updated over time.

Can any1 please explain why is Broken tooth considered the best pet? Some forums say wind serpent from zg or lupos.
cuz his attack speed