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Full Version: Some PVE videos
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Some stuff I've recorded since starting here. The vids are starting to rack up, so I thought I'd share. Mostly boring stuff, but also some funny memes:

No fancy editing, just raw 1080p 60fps shadowplay footage, cut to length using avidemux.
Good stuff man. I'm glad I kept w/ my resto shaman and didn't go ezmode paladin.
(11-07-2017, 07:42 PM)kjs86z Wrote: [ -> ]Good stuff man.  I'm glad I kept w/ my resto shaman and didn't go ezmode paladin.

Both have their strong and weak points, paladin being the default go-to healer of course.


Recent pally vid with more common setup:

It's encounter specific really, I like both. Would like to give priest and druid a proper try tho :).
Whats the name of the addon for the combat log on ur screen?
New video, 1h02m13s Naxx speed run by guild Kehitysvammaiset, orchestrated by Calder and Stranger. My POV. Real messy execution from everyone still, but a decent reference point to start correcting/optimizing stuff from:

Same pantomime clear, Stranger fury warrior pov:

Heyo nice vids man. People should watch the naxx run and learn. So sick of 4 hour naxx