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  WTB Two of beasts
Posted by: Disc - 03-09-2015, 11:56 AM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

WTB two of beasts, pm Disclexic in game for a quick trade Smile

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  Lets get prems going!
Posted by: Eternal - 03-04-2015, 04:10 AM - Forum: World PvP, Battlegrounds - No Replies

Server First is looking for a team on alliance that would like to have some pre-made games a couple times a week.
Rule - The Only Rule no more then two of a specific class.

If you would like to set up some games please get with me in-game. - Eyeless

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  Mining 1-300
Posted by: Eternal - 03-02-2015, 06:14 AM - Forum: PvE Guides - Replies (2)

This guide is just meant to pretty much give you an idea!
Mining 1-300

1-66: Copper
Horde - Durotar , Alliance - Elywen Forest (Go see your Mining Trainer at 66)

66-125: Tin and Silver
Horde - The southern barrens , Alliance - The Weltands (Go see your Mining Trainer at 125)

125-175: Iron and Gold
Horde/Ally - There are multiple places - Desolace, Ashenvale, The Badlands, Arathi Highlands, Stranglethorn Vale. Razorfen Kraul
(Go to your trainer at 175)

175 - 251: Mithril and Truesilver
(Go to your trainer at 225)
Horde/Ally - There are multiple places - Blasted Lands, Searing Gorge, The Hinterlands, Western Plaguelands, Aszhara, Felwood, Winterspring

251-300: Thorium
Horde/Ally - There are multiple places - Un'goro crater, Azshara, Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands

I hope this gave some sort of guidance! - Eyeless (Eternal) <Server First>

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Lightbulb Player commands
Posted by: Rolemodel - 03-01-2015, 02:33 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Greetings Retro-Wow players, we've updated the server with some new usefull commands.

.repairitems - Repair all your items
.maxskill - Max all your skills
.dismount - Dismount you, if you are mounted
.start - Unstuck

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  Idols, totems, librams.
Posted by: deadmage - 02-23-2015, 09:46 PM - Forum: Accepted Suggestions - Replies (4)

See, I noticed most of the core librams/totems/idols for the specific classes were missing. So I wanted to suggest you guys to add them to the vendors. I will make you a list below.
Idol of Brutality - 23198
Libram of Divinity - 23201
Libram of Fervor - 23203
Idol of Moon - 23197
Totem of Rage - 22395
Totem of Storm - 23199
Totem of Sustaining - 23200
These are the blue ones, I noticed purple ones from AQ40 were missing aswell so I will give them too.
Totem of Life - 22396
Totem of Flowing water - 23005
Idol of Longevity - 23004
Idol of Health - 22399
Libram of Grace - 22402
Libram of Light - 23006

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  Eternal Quintessence
Posted by: Viscidus - 02-22-2015, 02:52 PM - Forum: Accepted Suggestions - Replies (1)

Could you please remove http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=22754 cooldown or make it 10 min? the 1 hour is designed per 40 man

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  Balancing Vendor Prices
Posted by: Restosexual - 02-22-2015, 08:57 AM - Forum: Accepted Suggestions - Replies (1)

So here are my following sungestions on this topic:

1.Firstly items like the kind of bracers, belts, gloves, boots shoud cost less than major items like chest, legs, heads and shoulder. There shoud be some balance between them.

2. Secondly Items of the same level shoud have their prices alongside their quality and availability. Ex. Dark Edge of Insanity like a bis pre naxx 2-hander item from a really hard end boss, shoud cost alot more than 3k gold, and at the same time, there are items alot worse that are even more expansive.

3. Finaly two handed weapons shoud not cost the same price as one handed. Ex. Furry warrior has to pay the double price of a one two handed weapon for 2 one handers unlike an arms warrior.


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  Usefull AddOns 1.12
Posted by: artuans - 02-21-2015, 09:14 PM - Forum: Useful Tools & Macros - No Replies

Bartender2 - If you want custom  UI
CCWatch - Good addon for stunns and sheeps etc
EnergyWatch_v2 - highly recommend for rogues
eCastingBar -
EzDismount - makes so u dont need to click too dissmount ur mount u can just click any spells and u get of the mount
TukUI - one of the best costum UIs ive ever seen u should check it out
!OmniCC - shows what u have used the last 5min
FuBar -
GroupButtons -
Auto Buff - just what it sounds like
Auto Repair - repairs auto if u are at a vendor
Lazy Rogue - good for dem rogues
Range Color -
Monkey Quest -
My Target Model -
Damage Meter -
Buff Watch -
SelfElite -
System Message -
Target Of Target -
Quest Item -
Healer Assist -
WeaponQuickSwap - Good For Warriors
Xperl -
Lern2Spell -
LootTracker -
!OmniCC -


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  Idols from AQ40
Posted by: Numenor - 02-21-2015, 03:24 PM - Forum: Accepted Suggestions - Replies (4)

Just following up conversation with Oscar in-game and posting the list of the idols from AQ.

Here is the list of the Idols that drop in AQ40.


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Posted by: shady712 - 02-17-2015, 12:51 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - No Replies

I am the Master and no one can beat me Step to the almighty paladin if you dare /flex

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