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  PvP zone
Posted by: It! - 11-28-2015, 08:30 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (39)

so I had an idea to make an entire zone into a PvP zone.

It's like the Gurubashi arena, but then an entire zone that rewards tokens if you get a HK and allows for grouping like in the arena.

since you can put up those fences at hyjal I guess you could also close the entrances to the zone. Put in a few different teleport locations for people to choose from so they can choose where in the zone they want to start out. (make the teleport location's PvP-neutral like Hyjal)

I think this would be cool, though there are also a few sacrifices with this.. you will have less acces to some content(quests mostly, maybe some gathering locations).

this could possibly be like an entire world pvp zone, leading to skirmishes and stuff. i'd say cap groups to 5 or 10 man, so that everyone can fairly easily participate and there wont be entire guild stompage's :-P

i'd say the best zone for this is Stranglethorn Vale, because of it's meni height differences and geographic structure.. it could really lead to some tactical shit with having the highground etc, making use of the meni ruins around. if a party travels under a bridge u ambush them from the highground - that kind of stuff

but yeah it also has some issue's that need to be adressed and if you are like willing to give up a few things for such a cool thing.

i'm not that good at painting the picture but i hope you somewhat got what i'm aiming at


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Lightbulb PVP addons (not class specific)
Posted by: lokinghon - 11-27-2015, 12:39 PM - Forum: PvP Guides - Replies (1)

Dear fellow warriors,

Please be so kind and post here your useful pvp addons.

I am thinking of one that shows a battleground map with players directly on your screen without need to press m. And many others as I am sure.

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  Scaling down of mob health
Posted by: It! - 11-26-2015, 10:31 PM - Forum: Declined Suggestions - No Replies

The Duke of Shards could have his HP scaled down a bit, it is impossible to solo atm. I'd say the same for the other Dukes btw!

[Image: OIuSI2e.jpg]

I guess it is not really necessary but it would be nice be able to solo it(even if poppin every cd/potion is needed)

i'm not sure wether the HP count on my target is correct, though.


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  List of Suggestions
Posted by: TupacBack - 11-26-2015, 10:30 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (12)

I have really been enjoying my stay here at Retro-wow with my friends, so I decided to make a list of suggestions that I, Personally  believe would improve this server.

Bag of mysteries:
- Increase the amount of pve/pvp tokens included, i.e. x5 pve tokens. x3 pvp.
- Add a chance for elixirs/potions to be inside

 Battleground quest rewards:
- Increase the amount of gold rewarded for Arathi Basin and/or Alterac valley to give an incentive for other battlegrounds to be played.

- Add a raid consumable vendor Including flasks/elixirs/potions/food for a slightly overpriced rate, so there is still incentive to level professions but always availability for those who have extra gold.
- Add Savory deviate fish to miscellaneous vendor
- Add a formula/recipe vendor for an inflated rate.
- Decrease the cost of Tier 1 items
- Add more starting materials to the Profession vendors
- All cloths be added to vendor for free max first aid

- Return corpse running to molten core
- Decrease the cooldown of Eternal Quintessence (current cd causes the run to be extremely long with excessive waiting or runnning other characters inside.)
- Nerf Lava Surger melee damage in Molten Core, Currently hits harder than any other mob in any instance/raid.
- Fix sentinels trash  prior to Twin Emporer's room, They spawn adds way to quickly.
- Allow "Rallying cry of the Dragon slayer" buff to be granted upon completion of Head of Nefarian

- Cap the respec cost to 10gold rather than 50.
- More available Morphs from Mr.Morph
- Add cosmetics/auras to be purchased from Donation shop
- Add Black Qiraji Battle Tank, Teal Kodo, and others to Donation shop.

Have so more ideas but would mainly like to see some of these pushed thru first, thank you for reading and hope some of you would agree to these changes.

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Posted by: Djragex - 11-26-2015, 03:51 PM - Forum: General - Replies (3)

Hey Guys, 150€ for TF is a bit too much, huh? Big Grin Does it still cost 50€ for people who doesnt have the 100 dp in any way? Big Grin

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  Left for a week, am now banned
Posted by: Vafflas - 11-24-2015, 09:45 PM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (1)

Hey guys, am posting this because I left for about a week (and was therefore inactive), now that I returned I see that my account is banned.
Username same as this one (Vafflas), could you check and tell me what exactly happened?
The only think I can think of is that I gave my account username + pwd to my roomate to vote for me while I was away and maybe play a wsg or two, but I do think
that a lifetime ban for this is a bit much no? He says he didn't do anything on my acc, so that's why I'm asking if he hacked or something of the sort.


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Video it us [email protected]
Posted by: Phloam - 11-24-2015, 08:52 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (13)

we promote retro-wow.com <3

inb4 hate, still love you all
[email protected]

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  DP Compensation
Posted by: disturpants - 11-24-2015, 06:37 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

I'be been away for a little while, but I'm pretty much sure that I was online during this period as I had a load of green items that I disenchanted in my inventory, when logging back in after the issue they had all reappeared.

I'm not sure if my I.P address had changed or something, but my account has definitely not had any DP allocated to it Sad

Would just be nice to find out why I didn't get any or if there's been an error.

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  Three Kings of Flame
Posted by: It! - 11-24-2015, 04:45 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - No Replies

Quote:Suggesting Blackhand Incarcerator's get their health reduced to 20 - 30 % of what it currently is (about 8-9k).

Seven level 59 Non-elite mobs can't be solo'd and no one is willing to run ubrs with me.

Blackhand incarcerator's are located at Pyroguard Emberseer's room. (The first boss in UBRS)

Duke of Cynders (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=15206/the-duke-of-cynders) needs to be summoned at a Wind Stone ( http://www.wowhead.com/object=180461/wind-stone ) for which you need abbysal crests ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=20513/abyssal-crest ) these drop off mobs summoned by these Wind Stones aswell. The Crimson (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=15209/crimson...r#comments) and the likes.
The mobs spawn, but they cant be attacked nor will attack you.

I dont think the duke's work either when you summon them, so it might be a good idea to check those out too!

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  Quint essence
Posted by: schoko - 11-24-2015, 12:31 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (1)

just a question Confused could you please half the cooldown of that quint essence item ( that one that destroys the runes in MC to call majodormus ) nothing game breaking ...
so just some groups stop getting a new twink in raid fast just to put off runes ... a bit annoying

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