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  Reagents for classes
Posted by: sarmatius - 04-13-2015, 11:11 PM - Forum: Accepted Suggestions - Replies (1)

Can you also add the reagents like the symbol of divinity to the bag & misc vendor?

maple seeds(17034), stranglethorn seed(17035), ashwood seed(17036), hornbeam seed(17037) and ironwood seed(17038) for the druids
Symbol of kings(21177), symbol of divinity(17033) for the paladins
light feathers(17056) and rune of teleportation(17031), rune of portals(17032) for the mages?
Ankh(17030) for shaman
Holy candles(17028) and sacred candles(17029) for priests
Infernal stone(5565)

Print this item

  Fury warrior guide
Posted by: sarmatius - 04-13-2015, 08:53 PM - Forum: PvE Guides - No Replies

I did not make this guide all the credits goes to ~Hiddeh

Alright, so you have decided to play a warrior and your goal is to have a damage dealer role in raids. The question is how to be successful at it? Well the following post may shed some light.

Your first concern is to stay alive.
Your second concern is to maximize your dps
You tertiary concern should be (if you have the time to spare) to make the job of other people in the raid easier.

So with these things in mind, let’s go over the races.

- Stoneform makes you immune to poisons, bleed effects and diseases while increasing your armor by 10% for 8 seconds.
- Frost resistance increased by 10
- Find treasure (treasure chests show up on your minimap)
- Gun specialization (+5 gun skill)

Stoneform is by far the best on the racial list for dwarves. Especially in later content, the ability to remove poisons in particular, is really really powerful. Removing diseases has its uses as well.
However, there are no fights where this is a requirement to stay alive. There is no game changing fight where it would considerably increase your dps.
Actually, taking damage from poisons or diseases can be a blessing of sorts because it will provide you with additional rage.
Really powerful if you tank a lot. But adds nothing to fury.
Do note that this is also an insane racial for pvp against rogues as well.

Frost resistance is nice for Naxxramas raid, might let you wear an extra piece of proper equipment but again it’s situational and it would have more uses on a tank.

Find treasure is nice if you’re leveling but pretty much junk. Note that cannot track herbs or minarals at the same time as tracking treasure.

Gun specialization is complete and utter junk, because ranged attacks cannot glance. It does give a negligible little bit of hit, but you are a fury warrior. If you’re gonna tank in a raid and that 200 damage from the bow hit actually matters, your raid has already humped up.

- Escape artist removes any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect on a 1min cd, 0.5sec cast timer.
- Engineering specialization increases your engineering skill by 15.
- Expansive Mind increases your base intelligence by 5%
Arcane resistance increased by 10

Escape artist is probably the best pvp racial on alliance. But in a raid setting it doesn’t actually have any applications where it would make a gnome preferable over another race.
Engineering specialization is nice. If you’re going to pvp at all you want to be an engineer. But it’s mostly just a gold saver.

Expansive Mind
Not completely useless, because it will let you skill up weaponskill faster. But 5% of 30 int is not going to change much. Not to mention it loses all value after you hit 300/300 skill.

Arcane resistance
The only fight where you might benefit from this is Shazzrah, but it’s definitely not a game changer since you shouldn’t need resistance gear to kill him.

Night elf:
- Shadowmeld allows you to gain stealth but any movement or action will remove it.
- Dodge chance increased
- Wisp form while dead
- Nature resistance increased by 10

Dodge is nice in terms of survivability, however u should always aim not to get hit by anything

Wisp form
Is really nice if you mess up priorities one and two very often.

Nature resistance
Nice for AQ40 raid in a way that it will allow you to wear an additional dps item over Nature Resistance one on "resistance" type of fights but its situational and mostly a tank thing.

- Percption dramatically increases stealth detection for 20 seconds.
- The Human Spirit increases your spirit by 5%
- Diplomacy increases reputation gains by 10%
- Sword specialization increases 1h and 2h sword skill by 5
- Mace specialization increases 1h and 2h mace skill by 5

Nice for pvp, doesn’t have an application in raids.

This racial trait is completely useless for a warrior.

This trait will increase all of your reputation gains, in a certain way it will help you obtain rewards 25% faster then other races.

Weapon skill with swords and maces.
This is a huge and the best racial by far beecause it adds 15% more damage on your glancing hits Which will occur 40% of the time. It will be explained in more detail below.
I really recommend that you read about that throughout the guide.
You really want to be playing a human if you’re gonna play a fury warrior on alliance side.

- War Stomp is a 0.5 castable aoe stun within 8 yards radius on a 2 min cd.
- Cultivation increases your herbalism skill by 15
- Endurance increases your stamina by 5%
- Nature resistance increased by 10

Has it’s purposes. Can save a healer perhaps. But a lot of things cannot be stunned in raids, and it doesn’t add any dps utility.

It’s nice if you have fantasies about frolicking in a meadow in Switzerland. But unless your character is named Heidi you might not want to pick a race over this.

This is actually nice. Especially when you just start off raiding, you’re going to have very low stamina. It will give you a little more room for error. It’s nice to learn the fights, but not necessary to master them.

Nature resistance
Nice for aq. Will let you wear a piece of proper gear at times. But situational and mostly a tank thing.

- Berserking increases your attack speed by 10% to 30%. At full health the speed increase is 10% with greater effect up to 30% if u are badly hurt. It costs 5 rage and it lasts for 10 seconds.
- Healt regeneration rate is increased by 10% and 10% of total health regeneration may continue during combat
- Damage increased versus beasts by 5%
- Throwing and Bow weapon skill increased by 5

It costs a global cooldown and its duration is only 10 seconds, with a 3 minute cooldown.
If you use it perfectly, as in you synergize all your cooldowns, pop deathwish, recklessness, wait for a good crusader proc and pop berserking at very low health, you might conceivably (on some fights) be able to keep up with an orc. But you won’t beat them on any fight that matters.

Health regeneration
This traits purpose is only to speed up the leveling.

Damage versus beasts
Nice on "beast" type of bosses but there are only few of them in the game.

Throwing and Bow skill
Complete and utter junk, because ranged attacks cannot glance. It does give a negligible little bit of hit, but you are a fury warrior. If you’re gonna tank in a raid and that 200 damage from the bow hit actually matters, your raid has already humped up.

- Shadow resistance increased by 10
- Cannibalize when activated regenerates 7% of your total health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. It only works on humanoid and undead corpses within 5 yards, any movement action or damage taken while cannibalizing will cancel the effect
- Underwater breathing increases your breath duration by 300%.
- Will of the Forsaken provides immunity to fear, charm and sleep effects for 5 second duration on a 2 min cd, may be used while under mentioned effects.

Shadow resistance
It’s not gamebreaking by any means. Not useless but not at all needed either.

Quite nice outside of raids, but not really useful on bossfights.

Underwater breathing
It has it’s perks for questing, but it’s useless for raiding.

Will of the Forsaken
It’s good, but not needed. It has a lot of uses, because many bosses fear and not getting feared will increase your damage by quite a bit. But you’re playing a fury warrior, and most bosses have a fear that aligns perfectly with your beserker rage. And even if it doesn’t you have two more ways of breaking fear.
It’s really good for pvp though, for breaking seduce, mind control or magic dust.

- Hardiness increases your chance to resist stun effects by 25%
- Axe specialization increases your 1h and 2h axes skill by 5
- Blood Fury increases base melee attackpower by 25% for 15 seconds and reduces healing effects on you by 50% for 25 seconds.
- Command increases damage delt by hunter and warlock pets by 5%.

It's nice on trash that stuns, because a resisted stun won't damage you. Other than that it's really nice for pvp.

Axe specialization
This is a huge and the best racial by far beecause it adds 15% more damage on your glancing hits Which will occur 40% of the time. It will be explained in more detail below.
I really recommend that you read about that throughout the guide.
You really want to be playing an orc if you’re gonna play a fury warrior on a horde side.

Blood Fury
This has a 2 minute cooldown, which means you can use it more than once on the harder fights. It's kind like having an extra trinket.
Be careful how you use it, it might be deadly for you if there is a constant damage incoming and u need to receive constant heals.

You don't have pets, so you won't benefit form this trait.

If your goal is endgame raiding the choices are quite simple:

- Human is the master race when it comes to pure dps if you decide to play alliance.
- Orc is the master race when it comes to pure dps if you decide to play horde.


Once you have chosen desired race and you have finished leveling to 60, there are some very important things that you need to know. Based on following data you will understand which stats are important for you. This will make your gear choices easier because you will know which items will bring you most dps.

First of all the Atributes

Attributes are the basic building blocks for a character's combat ability. The five primary attributes are strength, agility, stamina, intellect, and spirit. These five attributes along with armor appear on the character sheet under "Base Stats". These are often referred to as simply stats.

A number of secondary attributes affect specific areas of combat more directly, and are often influenced in some way by a primary attribute. Secondary attributes include critical strike rate, damage absorption, attack power, spell power, and many others.

All characters inherently have some amount of each attribute that increases with level depending mainly on class. For example, a mage will have more base intellect than a rogue, who will have more base agility. Increasing these attributes is mainly done with equipment, as well as temporary effects such as buffs, elixirs, scrolls, auras, and many other means.

Nearly all combat mechanics rely in some way on one or more character attributes. Increasing the appropriate attribute will increase damage done, reduce damage taken, increase healing done, affect a character's mana or health, or other benefits. Understanding how these attributes work is important for effective combat.

Strength (often abbreviated STR) has the following effects:

Increases attack power with melee weapons, warriors gain 2 melee attack power per point of strength.
Strength does not improve the chance to block but it increases the amount of damage that can be blocked with a shield.

Agility (often abbreviated AGI) has the following effects:

Increases attack power with ranged weapons, warriors gain 1 ranged attack power for each point of agility.
Increases chance to score a critical hit with a weapon. On retail WoW servers you would gain 1% critical chance increased for each 20 points of agility. However here on Feenix - Emerald Dream the number is slightly lower and it's closer to 19.2.
Increases chance to dodge attacks. For every 20 points in agility you will gain 1% chance to dodge.

Attack Power

Attack power (AP) increases your base DPS by 1 for every 14 attack power. For example, an AP of 28 will give you 2 DPS.
To convert DPS into average damage per swing:

Quote:(Weapon DPS + AP/14) * Weapon Speed.
If dual wielding, an off-hand weapon will also receive DPS from AP with the normal damage penalty. Disregarding dual wield specialization talents, the offhand damage is then:

Quote:[(Weapon DPS + AP/14) * Weapon Speed]/2.

Bonuses from attack power are added to a character's DPS before attack speed bonuses come into effect. So, a character with a weapon with 10 base DPS, 2.0 attack speed, and 140 AP will have a total of 20 DPS (10 base + 140/14 from AP). If a 10% increase to attack speed is gained, DPS will increase to 22 (10% of 20 is 2) as opposed to only getting one from the base DPS, at 11, and then adding 10 from the attack power to 21.

Now we move on to the Attack Table

Glancing Blow*
Critical hit
Crushing Blow*
Ordinary hit

Every melee attack (except for yellow-damage special attacks dealt by players, as described in the next section) has a chance to miss, to be dodged, to be parried, to be blocked, to be a glancing blow, to be a critical, and to be a crushing blow. Anything left over is an ordinary hit.

The chances listed in your general spellbook tab (for you to Dodge, Parry, or Block) are absolute percentages. If you have a listed dodge chance of 4.5%, then on average 4.5% of all melee attacks made against you by a mob of equal level will be dodged, not merely 4.5% of those melee attacks that didn't miss you.

Some melee attacks have a 0% chance for some of these attack results; e.g., an auto-attack made by a player has a 0% chance of being a crushing blow, an attack made by a mob has a 0% chance of being a glancing blow, an attack made against a player without a shield has a 0% chance of being blocked, etc..

For a mob and white-damage melee attacks, there is no such thing as a blocked crushing blow, a parried crit, a missed glancing blow, etc.. All of these possible attack results are mutually exclusive.

If the total chances of all the entries above the bottom of the table reach or exceed 100%, the attack cannot be an ordinary hit.

If the total combined chance of a miss, dodge, parry, or block is 100% or higher, not only can the attack not be an ordinary hit, the attack also cannot be a crit or a crushing blow.

Every melee or ranged attack is decided based on a single server-generated random number (a single "die roll" made internally on the server), checked against a server-side internal table for the attack.

There are many different "weapon skills", one for each type of weapon in the game, Daggers, Swords, 2-h Swords, Wands etc. There are also items/talents/racials that increase this beyond the capacity for your level, and these are among the most important things for a fury warrior.

Every character can naturally have 5 maximum weapon skill for each level, and is calculated by 5*(level)+(talents/racials/item-bonuses). A lvl 60 warrior without any talents/racials/items that increase weapon skill can have a maximum of 300/300 skill with his weapons. A player has to level up each weapon's skill individually and if a new weapon is learned he will have to level it up from 1-300.

What does weapon skill actually do? A glancing blow is a normal white hit against a monster of higher level than yourself that can not crit and deals reduced damage. You will always have 40% chance to land a glancing blow against a boss, and these hits will only deal 70% of a normal hits damage. What extra weapon skill does is reduce the amount of damage lost by glancing blows. Without going into too much detail, you want to have 310 weapon skill in order to make your glancing blows deal full damage. There is no concrete information what 1 point of weapon skill does, but in order to make it easier to calculate things later on.. we simplyfy things and say 1 weapon skill increases the percentage amount of the damage done by glancing blows by 3.

Example (completly theoretical, only thing proven is that 10 weapon skill will make your glancing blows deal full damage against bosses.): A glancing blow with 300 weapon skill against a raid boss will only deal 70% damage. A glancing blow with 301 weapon skill against a raid boss will deal 73% damage.

Weapon skill does however not only reduce the damage reduction from glancing blows (eventho its the main reason), it also gives you a small amount of hit and crit and lowered chance to miss or get dodged or to be parried.

Effects of Weapon Skill

For each point that your weapon skill exceeds your opponent's defense, you gain the following:

Your chance to miss decreases by 0.04%.
Your chance to score a critical hit increases by 0.04%.
Your opponent's chance to block your attack decreases by 0.04%.
Your opponent's chance to parry your attack decreases by 0.04%.
Your opponent's chance to dodge your attack decreases by 0.04%.

When you hit a monster or a boss the game will go thru a small procedure to decide what your swing will be... will it miss? will it crit? will it be a dodge or perhaps a glancing blow? The easiest way to explain this is by imagining yourself a prioritized list like this:

1) Miss
2) Dodge
3) Parry
4) Glancing blow
5) Block
6) Critical hit
7) Normal hit

What this means is that if places 1-6 total up to 100%, "Normal hit" will be knocked off the table and never occur.

Important to know is that a boss has a base dodge chance of 6.5% and can only parry/block attacks that are made from their front, but since a warrior should never be attacking a dungeon/raid monster/boss from the front, we will see their parry/block chance as 0%.
Your base chance to miss is 27% when dualwielding against a boss.
Another good thing to know is that when you as a player gain +hit you do not exactly increase your hit chance, instead you reduce the chance to miss.
The total amount in the hit table can not be higher than 100%.
Your chance to hit is what is left over to reach 100% after adding all the other things. Lets say your chance to get a miss+dodge+glancing blow+crit = 80%, then you have 20% to get a normal hit.

- Hit refers to physical damage that occurs as a result of an attack made with melee or ranged weapons. The base chance to miss with maximum weapon skill against an opponent of equal level is 5% for two handed and 24% for dual wield.

Calculating your Hit Table

The standard white hit table for a naked lvl 60 warrior looks like this:

Miss: 27%
Dodge: 6.5%
Parry: 0%
Glancing blow: 40%
Block: 0%
Critical hit: ~10%
Normal hit: 16.5%

This means that if you make 100 attacks against a boss, you will deal 0% damage 34 times, 200% damage 10 times, 100% damage 16 times and 70% damage 40 times.

Now lets say you find a lot of gear that gives crit but no hit and end up having 35% crit, your white hit table would then look like this:

Miss: 27%
Dodge: 6.5%
Parry: 0%
Glancing blow: 40%
Block: 0%
Critical hit: 26.5%
Normal hit: 0%

Note that you have 35% crit but only 26,5% of your strikes will be critical strikes, this is because you are over the thing people like to call "crit cap". Its quite a nice name, but unlike the hit cap it is not a fixed value. The "crit cap" is the same as the % of swings that will not be glancing/dodged/missed.

Lets keep going with this example and say that you find gear that does not reduce your chance to crit and gives you +6% hit, your white hit table would look like this:

Miss: 21%
Dodge: 6.5%
Parry: 0%
Glancing blow: 40%
Block: 0%
Critical hit: 32.5%
Normal hit: 0%

As explained earlier, the +6% hit will not increase the chance to get a normal hit... but rather reduce the chance to get a miss.

There are two big difference between a "white hit table" and a "yellow hit table" and that is that yellow hits can not be glancing blows and the standard chance to miss is only 8%.

The "hit cap" is the amount of +hit you need in order to make sure none of your attacks will miss. There are two different hit caps

The first hit cap is the most important one, it is commonly known as "yellow hit cap". This hit cap is the amount of +hit needed to never miss with special abilities which damage is shown with yellow text on your screen. You will need +8% hit to always hit with your special abilities against a raid boss. This hit cap is alot more important than the next one because missing with your abilities such as bloodthirst heroic strike, cleave or whirlwind is a huge waste of rage and global cooldowns, and also this one is alot easier to achieve.

The second hit cap is the "white damage hit cap". This is the amount of +hit need to never miss a normal melee swing. You will need +27% hit to always hit a raid boss, as you might notice 27 is alot higher than 8 and this is the reason why its not as important as the first one, since you would have to give up alot of other stats in order to reach 27% hit, and there is nowhere near enough +hit on gear early on at lvl 60 to reach this cap.

Critical strike and how to calculate crit cap and why is it important?

Critical strike (often abbreviated as "crit") refers to 100% bonus physical damage (twice your normal damage) that occurs as a result of an attack made with melee or ranged weapons. The chance to critical strike can be viewed by opening your spellbook and moving your mouse over the "attack" ability shown there. It is increased by agility where u increase your critical strike chance by 1% for every ~19.2 points (ED values as mentioned above)

Crit cap for your auto attacks (white damage) is a variable that changes based on the following formula:

Quote:100% - 27% miss - 8% dodge - 40% glance + your hit%

Crit cap for your yellow attacks :

Quote:100% - 8% miss - 8% dodge + your hit%
(note that yellow attacks cannot glance and that you cant push off dodge with hit rating)

Now to elaborate why is crit cap important, well its quite simple actually, there is no point of having more crit then crit cap because we already established that the total amount in the hit table can not be higher than 100%.


Alright, now when you have information about game mechanics and how does it work, you proceed to gearing up.
Gearing up is definitely important part because you really want to have proper stat balance on your gear in order to maximize your dps. By that i mean that stacking just 1 stat won't bring you better results then having a properly balanced gear.

Pre-raiding BiS (best in slot) gear list:

Helm: Lionheart Helm (Blacksmithing)
-Enchant: Lesser Arcanum of Voracity (strength)

Neck: Amulet of the Darkmoon (Quest: 1200 Tickets - Amulet of the Darkmoon)

Shoulders: Truestrike Shoulders (Upper Blackrock Spire: Pyroguard Emberseer)

Back: Cape of The Black Baron (Undead Stratholme: Baron Rivendare)
-Enchant: Lesser Agility +3

Chest: Savage Gladiator Chain (Blackrock Depths: Arena Event - Gorosh the Dervish)
-Enchant: Greater Stats +4

Wrist: Forest Stalker's Bracers Warsong Gulch Exalted
enchant: Superior Strength +9

Gloves: Edgemaster's Handguards Random world drop (45-50lvl mobs)
enchant: Greater Strength (+7)

Waist: Brigam Girdle (Upper Blackrock Spire: General Drakkisath)

Legs: Titanic Leggings (Blacksmithing)
-Enchant: Lesser Arcanum of Voracity (strength)

Feet: Bloodmail Boots (Scholomance: Bosses)
-Enchant: Minor Speed Increase

Ring 1: Don Julio's band (Alterac Valley: Exalted rep reward)
Ring 2: Painweaver Band (Upper Blackrock Spire: General Drakkisath)

Trinket 1: Hand of Justice (Blackrock Depths: Emperor Dagran Thaurissan)
Trinket 2: Blackhand's Breadth (Quest: Alliance – General Drakkisath's Demise, Horde – For The Horde!)

Ranged: Bloodseeker (Alterac Valley [pvp] Quest: Alliance - Hero of the Stormpike, Horde - Hero of the Frostwolf)
- enchant : Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope

Main Hand: Ironfoe (Blackrock Depths: Emperor Dagran Thaurissan)
- enchant: Crusader
Off Hand: Felstriker (Upper Blackrock Spire: Warchief Rend Blackhand)
- enchant: Crusader

Alternative Weapon Combo:
Main Hand: Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge (Upper Blackrock Spire: Warchief Rend Blackhand)
- enchant: Crusader
Off Hand: Dal'Rend's Tribal Guardian (Upper Blackrock Spire: Warchief Rend Blackhand)
- enchant: Crusader

Now when you have gathered all your pre-raiding BiS and you are ready to enter raids, important thing is to be prepared for it, meaning reading up on tactics, having adequate boss mods and threat meter addons, having the correct spec, bringing all the necessary consumables, having a proper positioning and timing your cooldowns while doing your dps rotation without getting aggro.

Bread and butter dps spec:


(Note: there can be few different talent specs based on your gear level, or requirement for certain encounter, see below)

When your spec is sorted and you are ready to begin, it's really important that when you engage any boss you should always try to be in Berserker Stance because it increases your chance to score a critical strike by 3%, that you always have a proper positioning, by that i mean that you should always try to hit the boss from behind (because we already established that the bosses can't block or parry from behind), unless situation dictates otherwise. (Dragons usually have tail swipe ability which will knock you to the ground and stun you for certain amount of time), so you should position yourself at one of their rear legs and still hit them from behind)

The DPS abilities priorities (values from highest to lowest):

- Execute You should mash that button when ever you see execute highlighted or available on your bars.
- Bloodthirst You should use this ability on every cooldown.
- Whirlwind You should use this ability on every cooldown.
- Heroic strike This ability is queued as your next melee swing, you should use it if your bloodthirst and whirlwind are on cooldown.
(For example if you have 25 rage and your bloodthirst/whirlwind is ready you shouldn't queue heroic strike until you use your bloodthirst/whirlwind)
- Overpower A situational ability that's only usable if your target dodges for a short amount of time (5 second period). However overpower can't be dodged, blocked or parried. It can miss but if you have yellow hit cap (which you should definitely have) it will never happen. Also overpower has 50% more chance to crit when talented, which is extremely useful to keep up your Flurry up.

Essentially you should never overpower if you have above 45 rage, but in some rare occasions you will have your bloodthirst and whirlwind on cooldown (for more then 3 seconds) and you will be over 45 rage, at that point you should actually use overpower because its pretty much free damage.

The consumables list:
There are 3 type of consumables:

1) Pre pull offensive buffs:
- Elixir of the Mongoose
- Elixir of Giants
- Elixir of Brute Force
- Smoked Desert Dumplings
- Winterfall Firewater
- Juju Power
- Juju Might
- Scroll of Agility IV
- Scroll of Strength IV
- R.O.I.D.S
- Ground Scorpok Assay
- Elemental Sharpening Stone
(Note: These are must for offhand, while horde because of windfury totem doesn't have anything applied on their main hand, if there is no shaman in the group naturally you should apply it to your main hand as well)

2) Pre pull defensive buffs:
- Rumsey Rum Black Label
- Gordok Green Grog
- Elixir of Fortitude
- Flask of the Titans
- Lung Juice Cocktail
- Windblossom Berries
- Scroll of Stamina IV
Situational defensive buffs where you use protection from certain magic school:
- Greater Arcane Protection Potion
- Greater Fire Protection Potion
- Greater Frost Protection Potion
- Greater Nature Protection Potion
- Greater Shadow Protection Potion

3) Consumables that you use during the boss encounter:
- Major Healing Potion If situation requires you should definitely use it, dead player does 0 dps.
- Heavy Runecloth Bandage Situational based, should be used if you are low on hit points and there is no active damage over time abilitiy on you.
- Mighty Rage Potion Should always be used combined with Death Wish for maximizing the dps.
- Juju Flurry Should always be used with Death Wish For maximizing the dps or on cooldown (on longer fights).
- Whipper Root Tuber Situatonal, should be used when low on hit points.

Cooldown usage:

The most important cooldown that fury warrior posses is already mentioned Death Wish, its our most powerful reliable cooldown. Why do i say reliable? Well its because its on a relatively short cooldown of 3 minutes and u can use it on every boss.
If the boss that u are fighting takes longer then 3mins50 seconds, u should use it 15 to 20 seconds into the fight and then u will have it ready for the "execute phase" when u deal most damage. However Death Wish has its name for a reason, while giving you fear immunity which is really important on bosses that do fear, it also reduces your armor and resistances by 20% which can sometimes be deadly to you if u are not careful with how you use it.
The biggest dps cooldown that warrior has is Recklessness. This mighty 30min cooldown will cause critical hits with most attacks and will be immune to Fear effects for the next 15 sec, but all damage taken is increased by 20% which combined with Death Wish can be extremely dangerous.

Term "Going all out!" means that you are using all of your cooldowns and dealing immense amount of damage, this is where you see the big numbers!

Alright, there are few more things to look at when it comes to cooldown usage. Since we use crusader enchant on both weapons, ideally for you to use your Death Wish if you get a double proc because that would maximize the effectiveness. Don't be shy to use your cooldowns on trash packs but make sure that u have them ready by the time you reach the boss.


There are a lot of useful macros and addons that can improve your game play, help your reactions to be quicker and allow you to overall become more useful in raids.

List of addons that i feel are absolutely necessary for me to use:

- KTM Threat Meter (Shows your and other players threat in your raid during the boss encounter)
- Elk Buff Bar (A customizable scaling bars that helps u keep track of your buffs/procs/debuffs)
- Natur Enemy Cast Bar (Shows which ability your target is casting)
- Supermacro (Allows usage of advanced macros, ill get to that later)
- Move Anything (Allows you to move literally anything on your screen, making your screen clean so you can see the important things that are happening around you)
- CT_RABossMods (Addon that shows warnings and timers for boss abilities)
- CT_RaidAssist (Allows you to see main tank targets, main assist targets)
- WeaponQuickSwap (Synergy with supermacro that allows you to swap weapons and stances simultaneously)

Okay, once the addons are set, the list of the important macros that i use:

/script if not IsCurrentAction(36) then UseAction(36) end;
/cast Bloodthirst(Rank 4)

Heroic Strike:
/script if not IsCurrentAction(36) then UseAction(36) end;
/cast Heroic Strike(Rank 8)

/script if not IsCurrentAction(36) then UseAction(36) end;
/cast Whirlwind

You can easily see the pattern, you can make macros for abilities like hamstring, execute or even battle shout, whatever you find suitable.

Utility macros:

Berserker Rage:
/script texture,name,isActive,isCastable = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(3); if isActive then CastSpellByName("Berserker Rage"); else CastSpellByName("Berserker Stance()"); end;

What this macro does, is that it change your current stance to Berserker Stance regardless of which stance you are and it will cast Berserker Rage. (Note: You have to press it twice)

/script texture,name,isActive,isCastable = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(1); if isActive then CastSpellByName("Charge(Rank 3)"); else CastSpellByName("Battle Stance()"); end;
/script if not IsCurrentAction(36) then UseAction(36) end;

This macro will swap your stance to Battle Stance regardless of which stance you are in and it will cast Charge if the charge ability conditions are met. (Note: You have to press it twice)
Also the last line will make you start attacking instantly while you are charging.

/script texture,name,isActive,isCastable = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(2); if isActive then CastSpellByName("Disarm()"); else CastSpellByName("Defensive Stance()"); end;

This will change your stance to Defensive Stance, regardless of which stance you are in and it will attempt to cast Disarm if the disarm ability conditions are met. (Note: You have to press it twice)

/script texture,name,isActive,isCastable = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(1); if isActive then CastSpellByName("Overpower(Rank 4)"); else CastSpellByName("Battle Stance()"); end;

This will change your stance to Battle Stance regardless of which stance you are in and it will attempt to cast Overpower if the overpower ability conditions are met. (Note: You have to press it twice)

/script texture,name,isActive,isCastable = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(3); if isActive then CastSpellByName("Pummel(Rank 2)"); else CastSpellByName("Berserker Stance()"); end;

This will change your stance to Berserker Stance regardless of which stance you are in and it will attempt to cast Pummel if the pummel ability conditions are met. (Note: You have to press it twice)

/script texture,name,isActive,isCastable = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(3); if isActive then CastSpellByName("Recklessness"); else CastSpellByName("Berserker Stance()"); end;

This will change your stance to Berserker Stance of which stance you are in and it will attempt to cast Recklessness if the recklessness ability conditions are met. (Note: You have to press it twice)

Weapon swap macros:

Battle Stance:
/script WeaponSwap("Chromatically Tempered Sword", "Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight")
/cast battle stance

This will Equip the above listed weapons, and it will cast Battle Stance, without using 2 global cooldowns.

Defensive Stance:
/equip Scarlet Kris
/equip Drillborer Disk
/cast Defensive Stance

This will Equip above listed weapon and shield and it will cast Defensive Stance without using 2 global cooldowns.

Berserker Stance:
/script WeaponSwap("Chromatically Tempered Sword", "Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight")
/cast Berserker Stance

This will Equip the above listed weapons, and it will cast Berserker Stance, without using 2 global cooldowns.

Why are these weapon swap macros useful? Well, lets say that something bad happens during a boss encounter, for example your offtank dies and he is tanking something that is not taunt immune.
You can easily equip a shield and simultaneously go defensive stance and taunt without using 2 global cooldowns, this allows your reaction time to be a lot faster thus possibly preventing a wipe. Also when the mob that you are tanking dies, you can easily swap back.

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  Holy pala build
Posted by: sarmatius - 04-13-2015, 08:33 PM - Forum: PvE Guides - Replies (2)

Since i couldnt find the classes subforum i'll put it here

i got it from another forum which i cannot put here without getting banned for advertising Tongue

-- Introduction --

So you want to be a Holy Pally, eh? Well there's some stuff you're gonna need to know about the class, seeing as (in some ways) it can be a very difficult healing class to use. First off; if you've played any other type of healer before, throw your memories out the window. Flush them, cause they're completely useless now. Holy Paladins are extremely unique in the way that they play compared to other types of healers. So let's jump right in to it then;

-- General --

Holy Pallies (as stated before) are very unique for a few reasons. Try to think of healers in general from a Blizzard programmer's perspective. You've got the druid, with a high utility capability. The ability to roll HoTs on everyone to keep a very steady base line of heals going is very critical. Basically meaning; if someone is taking the odd damage here and there (maybe from an AoE) then a HoT can keep them at a zero base healing to damage ratio (basically meaning they get healed for as much as they get damaged). Most often, though, the ratio is tipped into the negative (they get damaged faster than a HoT can keep them up) and that's where the Druid's bigger heals come into play (as well as other healer's, of course). The bonus an experienced druid can have on the raid is very beneficial.
Next we have the priest.. oh man.. the priest. Where do I start? Well okay.. let's point out the first thing everyone notices; the mana pool. Priests have an incredible capacity for mana and mana regeneration. Most BWL (exceptionally) geared priests can (with flasks and full buffs) hit a mana pool up into the 11,000 range. You must be thinking.. lul wtf does that mean? Well an exceptionally geared Paladin (for example) in the BWL range will only be able to top about 8k fully buffed. Notice the difference? That's okay, pallies, we're still better. Don't worry.
Priests are your big healers. They have slow but effective spells. Generally speaking, their normal Heal spell is about 2.5 seconds long in cast time, but heals for a whopping 1590 (unbuffed, BWL geared) but cost about twice as much as a flash of light. Generally, priests downrank heal to Rank 1 which provides more effective healing in terms of mana to heal ratio (generally you don't need to average a 1590 heal unless you're fighting something that hits like a machine, like Patchwerk).
And somewhere in the middle of lots of small heals, or not much of really big heals, you find the Paladin. See the pieces starting to fall into place, now?
Paladins are like HoTs on crack. Our Flash of Light cast time is 1.5 seconds and the average (max rank, unbuffed, BWL geared) hits for like 730. Keep in mind too; we're the only healers to benefit from Blessing of Light (that buff alone makes us average about 850 per FoL). FoL is also cheap; very humping cheap. Like 140 mana cheap. With a base mana pool of 5.3k (unbuffed.. BWL.. etc etc.. I'm just gonna stop saying this now) means a total of 37.8 heals.. UNBUFFED! That's like.. 27635.714 health healed (from 100% mana to 0%) with absolutely no buffs (and assuming our MP5 is 0 lol, I won't bother theorycrafting the mana regen into that. It's not relevant). That's pretty awesome heals for a 5 man fight, or something.

-- Pre-Raid Gear --

Let's just hop right into this category; BIS pre-raid gear. I'll get into detail with raid gear later on in the post. For now, here's a copy and paste from an old thread I made at Neckbeards when I was the class leader. Please note the links are broken, so if you want to see the stats on the gear, go to the Valkyrie Database.


Head: Insightful Hood - Cho'Rush the Observer / Dire Maul (North)

Neck: Animated Chain Necklace - Ramstein the Gorger / Stratholme

Shoulder: Mantle of Lost Hope - Lord Roccor / Blackrock Depths

Back: - Cloak of the Cosmos - Immol'thar / Dire Maul (West)

Chest: Tunic of the Crescent Moon - Baron Rivendare / Stratholme

Wrist: Gallant's Wristguards - Guard Fengus, Guard Mol'dar, Guard Slip'kik / Dire Maul (North)

Hands: Brightspark Gloves - Tsu'zee / Dire Maul (West)

Waist: Sash of Mercy - World Drop / Auction House (50g)

Legs: Padre's Trousers - Illyanna Ravenoak / Dire Maul (West)

Feet: Faith Healer's Boots - Warchief Rend Blackhand / Blackrock Spire (Upper)

Ring 1: Rosewine Circle - Urok Doomhowl / Blackrock Spire (Lower)

Ring 2: Don Mauricio's Band of Domination - Darkmaster Gandling / Scholomance

Trinket 1: Second Wind - Golem Lord Argelmach / Blackrock Depths

Trinket 2: Briarwood Reed - Jed Runewatcher - Blackrock Spire (Upper)


Some would argue there are a few different things for BIS pre-raid for paladins, but it really comes down to your play style (which I'm going to say very often in this guide, and I really do mean that). Just keep in mind this list is just a template; change it how you see fit. All that really matters in the end is how well you perform (heard that too many times..) so do what you want.

-- Raid Gear --

Here is where it get's interesting. Inc theorycrafting =]
I'm going to sum this up as easily as I possibly can, cause I don't want to leave behind a wall of text nobody cares to read:

Main stat(s) - Intellect, crit and +healing (not in that order). "Why not Mp5?" I've heard before, and my answer is simple; if you play your toon properly you won't need it. Yes, it helps, but the self buff of Wisdom is good enough to keep you floating in the Mp5 range. As for spirit? Lol I enchanted my Red Dragonscale Protector to have stamina instead of Spirit. What's that tell you (no, not that I'm a nub. It really is just that trashy for Paladins). Alright.. let's cover why these stats are the most important;

Intellect: Very obvious reason why this is an important stat; int increases your mana pool and gives +crit % on spells.

Quote:Increases mana pool. Each point of intellect gives player characters 15 mana points (except from the first 20 points of Intellect that provide 1 mana for each point instead).

Quote:Increases chance to score a spell critical strike. This increase varies by class and level; in general, the relationship is linear as intellect increases. The rate of increase is generally based on the amount of intellect a class is expected to have at a certain level, given by the following table.

Quote:Class : Expected @L60 : Int (per 1%)
Paladin : 106 : 54


I tried to cut that table to the most relevant part about paladins. Retail uses a different system to calculate spell crit (very different from vanilla). Idk about Cataclysm, but the way it was calculated in wrath was you got spell crit rating, and then with some complex calculation (something like level divided by rating, plus int or some shit like that) a spell critical % chance was given. If you click the (source) link and look at the table, it basically means this; every 54 intellect points is 1% spell critical strike chance. Ah.. what does crit mean for a pally? We'll lets delve into that right now.

Spell Crit: Is in my opinion the most important stat along with +healing. In my experience I would generally trade off a +healing piece for a +%crit piece if the loss in healing was around +25~~ for 1% crit. Don't know what that means? Figure it out. I'm not going to hold your hand here, just give you the facts and my view on the subject. Anyways.. as you probably should know by now, the Illumination talent grants you 100% of the mana cost of a spell when you crit (only for FoL, HL, and Holy Shock). For obvious reasons, crit is very.. very good for paladins. This is why many +%crit pieces that drop (such as robe of volatile power in MC) that are really good for DPS are given to Paladins because +%crit is just too damn important to pass up on a Paladin. If you ever get a chance to get a piece with high crit, get it. Whatever the cost.

+Healing: Again an extremely important stat. I won't even mention why it's important, but I'll give you some facts about the stuff:
When you get a piece of gear that has +100 healing on it (lol naxx inc) and you only get +50 healing on your FoL, don't shit your pants. Your game isn't bugging out; and here's why.
The flat out +healing given from any +healing stat is based on a 3 second cast time. Why is this? Well because if you gave 100% of the +healing to all spells, no matter the spell casting time, druids would be overpowered, and would be the healer class in the game people would want in their raids. So the way it works is this; if you gain +100 healing from a piece of gear, and you want to apply it to your Flash of Lighht (1.5 second cast), you take 1.5 / 3 = 0.5. 0.5 x 100 = 50 So from +100 healing, +50 is applied to your FoL. For Holy Light; 2.5 / 3 = 0.8333~. 0.83 x 100 = 83 so you would gain +83 healing for HL. Starting to understand?

Spirit: Is basically for Mp5 and regen. For Paladins it's pretty much useless. Priests have a higher base mana pool and base spirit because their class is designed for heavy regen, while we're designed to get our mana back from crits (instead of flat out regeneration), and THIS IS WHY THE DARKMOON FAIRE CARD IS MORE BENEFICIAL FOR ANOTHER CLASS. I'm not saying it's bad, but even with 7k in the bank, I choose my Second Wind over it. Why? Because 300 mana over 10 seconds (every 2 mins) and the +healing is much better than 100% regen while casting, when your regen humps to begin with. If you want to stack spirit (and thus hump total ass because you're like never criting, and you get more mana return with a 25% crit percentage [which I have fully buffed] than you will with a higher regen, again another reason priests have a higher mana pool) then be my guest; drop like 2,000g on a trinket you're just going to replace in BWL. Just don't sob when I'm smoking you on the healing meters (remember our first Nef kill? The one I was double the second best healer's net healing? Yeah, I went there. P.S: Hugs, that innervate was not a waste).

Stamina: The last stat you should be worried about if you're in PvE. It helps on stuff like Chromaggus, obviously, but it's nowhere near as important as your healing effectiveness).

Agility: If you have a +agility item, just reroll please. Stop reading here.. log in.. delete your toon.. and reroll rogue.

And that about sums it up in terms of stats. Let's move on.

-- Buffs --

Are obviously very vital to the raid.
First off, they require the Symbol of Kings reagent. They stack in mounds of 100, and are very cheap. I usually keep 500 on me (incase someone else runs out) but generally only about 300 are needed for a normal 3 to 5 hour raid.
In Vanilla, lower buffs only last for 5 minutes, and greaters only last for 15 minutes. Conveniently most of all fights in the game will fit in this time period.
Only one buff per Pally can be placed on any one person and / or class of people.
Pally buffs are assigned by class, instead of group like most other buffs that effect multiple people. This is because certain classes use different buffs.
Only one type of buff can be placed on one person and / or class, no matter how many times different paladins try to buff it.
Example: If I buff Kings on Warriors, then Almonds does, his Kings will overwrite mine and I will need to either do a different buff or re-do my kings and tell him to do something else.
Note: Light is bugged on this server and can be stacked on people, but is a bannable offense.
Also note; if someone has an upgraded Greater blessing spell on you and you try to buff yourself with the same kind of spell but in normal form (not greater) it will inform you with the error message that a more powerful buff of that type is already applied to you, and thus you must cancel the other buff before trying to buff yourself with that type.
The same works the other way around; if you have a lower wisdom on yourself and someone tries to hit you with improved greater wisdom, the greater will overwrite the lower.
Now let's jump right in:

Kings: Your most important buff. If you're the only pally in the raid, use this. It's hands down better than any other of your buffs. 10% stat increase across the board is just way too vital to not have up at all times (IMO even on trash pulls). If you're on kings, put this on everybody.

Wisdom: Your second most important buff for all casters (except warlocks, they can just life tap their mana back). If there's only two pallies in the raid, put up Kings & Wisdom on casters. With a book trained greater blessing of wis, you gain 39 Mp5 (even while casting) which helps a lot. Your melee buff will be explained below.

Might: Your second most important buff for all melee. If there's only two pallies in the raid, one uses Kings and the other does Wis & Might, sometimes giving light to tanks instead of tanks. An improved greater might adds 185 melee attack power. I point out melee because unlike retail, might does absolutely nothing for hunters (other than raptor strike). This may confuse you if you're a retail pally, but in Vanilla it does not apply to ranged attack power. It only does melee.

Light: Your third most important buff for all classes. A greater light adds +400 healing for HL and +115 healing for FoL. Very effective +healing, but keep in mind that this does not apply for other types of healers (druids, priests) and so it isn't as important as other buffs.

Salvation: Fourth important for all classes except warriors. A greater salv gives 30% reduced aggro on all mobs. If you're doing Wisdom & Might and only have one other pally with you, do light on tanks and salv on warlocks. The ability for that class to not pull aggro is much more effective than Mp5.

Sanctuary: Last important buff for all classes. Only really effective on warriors. Reduces damage from all sources by 24 and deals 35 holy damage to an enemy when the ally blocks. Usually only one pally per guild specced into this (me) because it requires a 30 / 21 build, which can hurt the raid in some ways.

And that sums up buffs.

-- Talents --

Now as you can imagine, this is a very touchy subject. Let me just say this; you can heal in Prot and you can heal in Ret, but tanks can tank in Fury and tanks can tank in Arms, that doesn't mean they do it. Obviously speccing into holy for a heal pally is essential. No matter how well you may think you can heal in another spec, you just can't. It's that simple. If you're medium on the charts and you switch to Holy, you'll be on top of the charts. For that reason if you're a healer (I shouldn't even need to say this) you're going to be Holy. Or you're going to be guildless; your choice.

Anywhoo, now that I've slapped that down, let's jump into what you should spec in Holy. This is a pretty simple build; a lot of people like to do things differently, and that's fine. It's all up to your play style. But if you've never specced a vanilla holy pally before, go ahead and click this link. Otherwise, have 'atter!

-- Rotation --

Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light.

And when all else fails;

Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light.

Oh, when someone get's really low, pop a divine favour then Holy Light.
As for trinkets? Try to use them as often as possible. Hitting one at the start of a fight can be very beneficial because most of the time you can get another cooldown in before the fight ends. However for some trinkets (like my new one that increases casting speed by 33%) it's best to use them in times of emergency.

-- Consumables --

Symbol of Kings - purchased from Reagant Vendors. Always carry 300 on you for each raid. They are extremely cheap.

Symbol of Divinity - purchased from Reagant Vendors. Always carry a stack on you (5) incase the raid wipes. If you're ever unsure as to whether or not someone is soulstoned and the raid is about to wipe, pop a DI on a healer just in case.

Flask of Distilled Wisdom - crafted by Alchemists (30 dreamfoil 10 icecap). .

Elixir of Greater Intellect - crafted by Alchemists (1 Blindweed 1 Khadgar's Whisker).

Elixir of the Sages - crafted by Alchemists (4 gromsblood).

Sagefish Delight - crafted by Cookers (1 Raw Greater Sagefish).

Brilliant Mana Oil - crafted by Enchanters. C

Major Mana Potion - crafted by Alchemists (3 dreamfoil 2 icecap).

Dark Rune - drops off Scholomance bosses and trash (50% boss drop, 20% from Scholo Necromancers and Dark Summoners). If these drop in a Scholo run, always need on it. These are not soulbound, and so can be found on the AH for 10-20g (1).

Demonic Rune - drops off of a lot of different mobs. Most frequently you will find these in Dire Maul as they drop off different mobs and bosses. These are soulbound, so you cannot buy them.

-- Auras --

These are rather annoying; every time you die you need to activate it again. Considering it's not something I usually think of, I tend to forget.
The fight at hand will dictate what auras you should be using. For example; there aren't many scenarios in Molten Core where you won't have Fire Resistance Aura up. You pretty much just need to use basic logic when it comes to auras; if mobs are dealing shadow damage, use Shadow Res Aura. If frost, Frost Res Aura, etc.
Sometimes you'll be put in group 1 with the tanks. If you are, you need to always have your auras up. On fights like Chromaggus where none of your resistances will do any good, use Devotion aura.

-- Farming --

Buy a nightfall.
Use Seal of the Crusader.
Drop consecration often.
Loot dead things.

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  Migration: New Host with Anti-DDoS Protection
Posted by: Kelzo - 04-11-2015, 09:00 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (1)

Dear Players,

As we announced earlier this week, our new server is ready! The migration will happen tonight.
Since we need to transfer the whole server to the new location, our game server will be offline for several hours.
We will announce shutdown least 2 hours in game as well.
The migration will take approximately 2-3 hours as maximum.

Our new Dedicated server specs:

AMD -4334 6c/6t 3,1 GHz+/3,5 GHz+
32 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz
2x 3 TB SATA3
Public network card:
1x 1 Gbps
Anti-DDoS Protection
Location: West-Europe

[Image: dedi.png]


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Posted by: edarelleb - 04-10-2015, 03:35 AM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (1)

Hello all! Currently just starting to play a vanilla server to go back to the good old times, Have been high rating on retail, previous raid experience including multible full heroic clears of raids, no server firsts but very experienced! If anyone could introduce me to certain elements of the server or recommend a great group of people to progress with I'd very much so appreciate it.

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Posted by: Eternal - 04-08-2015, 11:50 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

For all new players, I know horde is superior but please choose to benefit the server with your faction! Play alliance you can group up with horde so thats no issue. Help the pvp!

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  Started WoW with My Dad. Now I'll play it when I'm a Dad
Posted by: borrborr - 04-06-2015, 03:33 AM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (2)

Wow where do I start. First of all thank you for reading this. It's going to be long.
I'm Troy. I'm 16 years old, and started playing WoW in 2006 when I was about 7 or 8. Yup. My Dad didn't give a shit.
He got me in to it after he played Everquest. I barely remember that stuff. Just that he had a sort of 2 legged Lion character he always talked about. But in vanilla, My Dad had a level 60 troll hunter named Orrok on the US Realm Aggramar.
In BC he leveled that hunter to 70.
Made an undead priest called Curemaster who for awhile was his main.
He got Cure (Curemaster) to 70 and raided like hell.
In Wotlk he leveled Orrok to 80,
then Cure to 80,
and after raiding the new Naxx as one of his guilds primary healers,
got bored and made a blood elf warlock named Biggerballs.
He told me it was after that one ACDC song haha (I was never much of a fan).
Sadly he had a name change forces by Blizz.
Man I remember that day. We were DYING of laughter.
A long story short that warlock is now Biggiie the Blood Elf Warlock.
In Wotlk I also leveled a Death Knight to 80 myself.
I was actually raiding with him in 3.2
In 3.3 I did normals with my guild. I was 12! haha
Thank God so had an in cus it was my Dads guild.
He actually kinda quit in that patch.
But you know, in Cata he leveled his toons to 85. His 3
I leveled my DK (Troyb) to 85. Only getting Heroic gear in 4.3
In mop I leveled Troyb to 87 and quit. damn mop leveling sucked.
But I came back in 5.3 when they announced 5.4 and got to 90. Thank God 5.4 was a year so I got my
cloak and I'll up to about 565 at its high.
But sadly, at this time my dad passed away. I was almost 13 years old.
On April 6th, 2012. My world crashed before me. now your probably reading this posted on April 6th, but at this moment that's because it's the 5th at 11:22 and this will take me forever to right, because the story gets better.
Now back to our vanilla days, my dad and I actually made a warrior and shaman to level together.
He paid for a second account so he could play with me. An extra 15 a month just to make me happy lol.
Well, we did. He leveled his Orc Shaman Buffman to about 44 and I leveled my Troll Warrior Trroy to about 41.
I didn't like him
I deleted him
Don't ask I don't know why I did it. I had just got my mount and plate gear... I blame him for not slapping me silly.
Well I still have that 44 shaman on a locked account. haven't played it since 2006.

Well that funny incident aside, I had a 565 Frost DK in 5.4.8 with the cloak and great gear. I was 15.
Now that I'm 16 and WoD is out, I have a level 100 DK.
I don't like WoD
Garrisons are boring
wow is boring
I like vanilla
so now I'm here on retro
and I want to relive my vanilla fun that I barely remember lol

There's so much more to my story, given that tomorrow is my Dads anniversary of his passing, but I hate getting in to it. I just sometimes like thinking how he'd react if he were around to see how shitty the game is now. Mounts at level 1 and boosts to 90? lol Nah it's cool
So like the title said, I'll be playing when Im a Dad. I honestly don't care how shitty the xpac is, I'll always level my DK, and his toons to he cap level. Right now I just want to wait to the last patch of WoD like I ddi with MoP before I resub.
Thanks for reading my story that really had no point, I just felt like sharing.

Hey look! it's 11:33. So us I guess it still is April 5th lol

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Thumbs Down PuG MC? Population?
Posted by: Mew - 04-05-2015, 09:27 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Hey all. This server looks cool, but just a few questions. Are the play times EU or NA based? How many people are usually on? And do people start pugging MC right away or what does the progression look like?


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  Just the word on the street
Posted by: Eternal - 04-05-2015, 09:43 AM - Forum: Declined Suggestions - Replies (2)

Hello again,
The word on the street from a good number of the more serious raiders that I talk to about progression etc, all seem to have said at one time or another. How much they would really enjoy the server a lot more if we had a few 10Man raids I.E AQ40, Naxx. Being able to utilize every class and not having to make a certain group for a certain fight then after that fight having to change it up again etc. I personally think the idea of the top content being 10 man is genius. Yes, you can argue well the population hasn't been the greatest the past few weeks, but everyone should of known with those servers opening it was going to happen for minute. I know the dreaded time consuming scaling from 40M to 5M was a process and process still being worked on today. Maybe on a test realm you guys could set up a few bosses of what you guys believe 10M #s should be and let some of us try it out. I have had numerous people bring it up so I brought it to the table.. Thanks - Eyeless

Point I forgot to add - 10M raids we get more people playing enjoying them selfs then not being able to get a group or get into one and just quit.

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  Question about the server
Posted by: tintin454 - 04-04-2015, 10:42 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

How long have this server been around here? It seems pretty new Smile

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