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Posted by: Catman - 10-04-2016, 10:31 AM - Forum: Report Cheater/Hacker/Abuse - Replies (1)


Rule: 17 - Donor bashing

Donor bashing over heard whilst cleaning out my closet! I'm sorry mama.

Around 12:25Am server time, 10/4/2016.

[img][Image: Oppala_zpspdyztaq7.jpg][/img]

Adding proof.

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Rainbow R14 PvP Weapons
Posted by: jolymph - 10-04-2016, 12:54 AM - Forum: Declined Suggestions - Replies (2)

I feel like R14 PvP weapons should be available for R14 via a vendor with R14 required for buying it for like 100gold or 100tokens instead of getting it for 3000 PvP Tokens.

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Posted by: henningyri - 10-04-2016, 12:32 AM - Forum: Report Cheater/Hacker/Abuse - Replies (2)

People like this disgust me, this is a toxic guy. He should be punished


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Brick Suggestion for players
Posted by: LeMinistre - 10-03-2016, 04:45 PM - Forum: Declined Suggestions - Replies (19)

So this is not a suggestion to improve the server but for this section and it concerns some players only but I feel this needs to be said once and for all..

Stop asking for free gear/consummables that you can obtain through quests or farming a little..

Before asking for something ask yourself these questions : Can I obtain it through a quest or by farming? 
Yes: go get it.
No: is it buged? Ask for it to be fixed asap. Is the quest unavailable for some reason? if quest is unavailable then you can ask if it's possible to make it available and if it can't be done then you can ask to obtain it through a vendor because it would be the ONLY WAY to obtain it.

Before you get on your high horse I will tell you this because I see all you lazy ass coming with the worst argument you can come up with : 
Yes this is a fun server, but it doesn't mean everything must be handed to you. You are not entitled to anything. Some people find it fun to do these quests or farm. Your version on fun may not be the same as everyone. If you want something that could improve your gear or gameplay why should it be free or require little gold to be spent compared to the time it takes to get it? If someone takes the time to do the quests or farming necessary to obtain something then he deserves to have an advantage over you.

Hate all you want, you know I'm right.

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  warlock pvp bis
Posted by: Windy - 10-03-2016, 03:45 PM - Forum: World PvP, Battlegrounds - Replies (1)

Does anyone have a link for absolute bis pvp gear for locks? is it all t3 or what? new to class and just trying to get a feel for it. If theres different bis for the SL and destro that would be helpful too Smile thanks!

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  Tier .5 vendor
Posted by: Archaureous - 10-03-2016, 01:30 AM - Forum: Declined Suggestions - Replies (16)

I think the addition of a vendor selling tier .5 could be beneficial. I could be unable to find it and the quest line may be there, but it is long and arduous. 

 However, there are a few that would benefit from it being easily available for say, 500g a piece. Although the sets aren't fantastic, some have niche benefits that are nice to have. Such as a four piece, on being hit death coil for warlocks.

 If said vendors exist, disregard my silliness.

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  Ninjaloot at Cthun
Posted by: Affeonyx - 10-02-2016, 11:00 PM - Forum: World PvE, Raids, Dungeons - Replies (1)

Sorryimhigh ninja looted Dark Edge of Insanity directly without even rolling.
Pls fix that immediately

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  Is not downloading properly
Posted by: aricmanxx - 10-02-2016, 04:46 AM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

When i went to download it, it made me download a thing called "MEGA" i downloaded it in there also and it still is not working. please help!Smile

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  ARR me harties!
Posted by: Archaureous - 10-01-2016, 11:33 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - No Replies

Hello there peeps! I started here a couple weeks ago after having a vanilla wow itch and my old server being gone.. I enjoy it so far, social community and steady activity. I played wow from launch to warlords on my faithful paladin, whose name no one can pronounce Smile. If you see this retnub running about, expect buffs, heals, cleanes, saves and face smashing with righteous fury Big Grin.

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  200 stacks of ...
Posted by: walenkryx - 10-01-2016, 10:43 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (4)

Please make 200 stack for that Smile

Heavy runecloth bandage : http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=14530


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