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  Ban apeal rule20
Posted by: juten - 09-08-2016, 07:24 PM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (1)

Hello everyone! 

I have been banned by rule20. 

I had a bad day and i was trolling about the staff server and i am apologies after my ations. 
I realize that i have make a bad thing and would like to play on my Main account. Have been working hard with it. 
I don't mean to say those words about this server. It's a great server and should focusing making it better or make another expansion. It will may be increased more populations. 

Best wishes, Juten Big Grin

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  PvP tokens
Posted by: pichowski - 09-08-2016, 06:40 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (4)

Hey, could be really sweet if we were able to return 250 PvP tokens to the questgiver instead of the 50 PvP tokens.      (or just have both options)
And then ofc up the reward to 1000g instead of the 200g for the 50 tokens. 
Really boring to cash in;-)

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  Make Hunter Pets AoE Immune For PvE Content
Posted by: Ticktickboom - 09-08-2016, 04:35 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (1)

Since raids are made for 5 man group comps aren't the same as what they'd be for 40 man content. A hunter would be in an all melee group and a wolf would make perfect sense. 5 people who can all take advantage of the buff. When you only really ever raid with 1 rogue or 1 fury war in addition to a tank none of this makes sense. You also had A LOT more than 1-2 healers in a raid so it was easier to toss a heal on a pet. AOE immunity was a change which was later implemented in expansions. Since this server modified content for 5 man I reckon it's worth looking into. At the moment hunter dps is on the low end for naxx. It's not like we're a druid or pala where we can just respec to heal and suddenly we're much more viable. Being able to let pets dps should bump our pve dps up a little bit. I reckon we'd be looking at a 100-150 dps jump at most so it's by no means gamebreaking considering mages locks fury warriors and rogues can all easily break the 1k dps mark.

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  Ban (information) / Appeal
Posted by: Khanviction - 09-08-2016, 09:47 AM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (1)

Account Name: khanviction

Ban Reason: multibox

Information about your ban: Character name: Khanviction
I was told I was banned for multiboxing an extra character outside of the mall to turn in extra quests; which is not allowed according to the server rules: http://retro-wow.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=2396
I have read them now and I agree to follow them.

Additional Information: I understand my punishment and I was told by the GM (Cannot remember their name) that my account would be banned for 4 days (96 hours) on 9/2/2016 Friday. It is currently 9/8/2016 six(6) days passed since my punishment on Friday. I am not here for an appeal honestly because I know I deserve a punishment for not reading the server rules beforehand and obliging to them. I just want to know how long I'm actually banned ~its obviously not a four(4) day or  (96 hour) ban. Was I misinformed?

Any information is appreciated, thanks.

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  Make Naxx harder and while you are at it the rest of the raids!
Posted by: bahls - 09-07-2016, 01:33 AM - Forum: Server Suggestions - No Replies

People have pointed out there is no point in making naxx or any other raid harder because you can just buy the gear from the vendors. I am of the opinion that due to being able to just buy the gear the raids should be harder. If people just want to take the lazy way and buy the gear and not be challenged then that is their right and its how the server is kept running.

For the people that want to earn every last piece of gear and have a great time in the raids it can be somewhat disappointing to get to a boss and have it just be a simple tank and spank or it just do such little damage that the bosses mechanics just do not matter. 

KT is a perfect template for how hard a raid boss fight should be, having his tuned dmg trickle down to all the other bosses to give pve groups a real challenge would be amazing!


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  Pally buffs
Posted by: bahls - 09-06-2016, 08:45 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (3)

Lets be real, Pally buffs that last for 5 and 15mins is just plain dumb. So dumb that blizzard fixed it in TBC and begged for forgiveness from the paladin playing community. I know It wont happen but I feel like I must bring it up for my own person mental health.

Suggestion: at the very least 2x the time for the buffs 10mins for lesser 30mins for greater and if the person who programs this is feeling the pally love make lesser last 30 mins and greater last 60 like all the other classes get.

You know its the right thing to do Big Grin


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  Double healing KT has to go
Posted by: bahls - 09-06-2016, 03:35 AM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (18)

KT is perfect, he really is the best scripted and best tuned boss on the server and its a blast to do him. Getting 5 ppl together that are good enough to take him down is more of a reward then the loot KT drops. However it has become a common trend on the server to say KT is impossible with a single healer( hes not ) and do it with two healers. Two healers allow groups to completely ignore most, if not all of KT's mechanics making the fight boring and laughably easy.

It has been proven many times a single healer can heal KT, if Fluff can solo heal KT on a Priest then any class can solo heal KT. Does it take actual skill? yes, does it take practice? yes. The people on the server who have solo healed KT have wiped more times then they can remember on KT learning how to correctly heal the fight on their chosen class, but when they finally get it and KT dies its the best feeling a video game can provide you. Two healers not only feels like cheating but it just takes the fun out of the entire fight and turns it into a stupid gear grind.

I suggest at the very least a enrage timer is added to KT after 8-10 mins. A bis group with all the buffs in the game with a solo healer can down KT in under 7mins in a well fought well earned battle were everyone in the group is doing their jobs/roles perfectly( the way a end raid boss should be done ). A decently geared group with hardly any buffs and two healers can kill KT under 15mins............... without breaking a sweat.

KT has been an amazing addition to the server! and its a shame people are choosing not to challenge themselves on the fight just to get his loot.


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  Buff NPC
Posted by: bahls - 09-06-2016, 03:08 AM - Forum: Server Suggestions - No Replies

With the release of KT, it has become a ritual to fully buff your group with every possible class buff and world buff known to man. Unfortunately this ends up being a 10-20min process depending on the world buffs your group needs(or wants) and then everyone has to log alts to get all the class buffs which can take another 5-10 mins at least. Normally this would not matter on a 40 man server, class buffs happen in less then a min and a good raid would have all the world buffs just waiting to go. However due to our 5 man server, simple things like getting fully buffed becomes its own little raid boss so to speak. A good group with a single heal can kill KT in under 7 mins, that means that group spends almost 2X-3X more time buffing then actually fighting KT which believe it or not kind of kills the fun of doing the fight.

What I propose is to add a NPC behind the gate of Sapphiron that offers at the very least every class buff for a single player and maybe even groups. It would save a lot of time and pain when getting ready for the KT fight. This could require a quest to do like X amount of pve tokens or hell even 500g would be better then the current situation we who pve a lot deal with. The reason I say put the buff npc behind the Sapphiron gate is to avoid any abusing( or just simplification ) of other raids or even pvp. 


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Posted by: titanium666 - 09-05-2016, 11:10 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (3)

Hi everyone, I didn't really know where else to look for help so i'll just ask here, I'm trying to dowload the game from the link in the web from Mega but as I don't have premium it's taking forever and it works really bad, does anyone know if there is anywhere else I can dowload the game from? thanks and sorry if it was the wrong section!

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Lightbulb Make WPvP Great Again!
Posted by: LeMinistre - 09-05-2016, 03:20 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (54)

I came up with this idea and I will share it even though no1carez..

Simply put, I'm hoping for a WPVP zone to be made. It could be AV as it would serve as a perfect zone for PvP since it was meant for this, but this could be made with any other zone that is not being used since we are on an instant lvl 60 server.

Edit : We could make some change to azshara in order to make this happen as well.. 
- Remove some mobs (so many and so close to each other that you can't really farm these and expect to survive a gank) 
- Add buildings to put the Harder Objectives (just like AV's general's and captain's buildings)
- Put Graveyards that you are teleported to when you die instead of resurecting where you died and having to wait up to 6 minutes if you've been killed too often! (seriously, waiting to respawn for more then 30 seconds in a WPVP area is just way too long! How do you expect people to stay there if they spend most of their time waiting to res because they are doing PVP and the main idea of the area is to do PVP!)
- Add mobs to be killed for objectives as there's only quests mobs in the area.
- There is much more things that would have to change in that zone, but let's focus on the main idea of the WPVP zone that I dream to see come to life!

Table of Contents :
1- General Idea
2- Objectives, Quests, Farming, etc..
3- Bounty
4- Rewards
5- Misc
6- TL: DR

I like the idea of an instanced AV WPVP area but it's so big I believe we can't limit it to 80 people (even though i don't think we will reach that many ppl often) and it should be FFA instead of 2 teams because this isn't a battleground and there's not enough people playing on the server to make this a faction vs faction (or 2 random teams). I mean for this to be a zone where you can encounter a lot of PvP while doing some quests, PvE bosses, Objectives, Farm Gold and Mats.

Take note that what I am suggesting here is NOT A BATTLEGROUND which means there is no victory to achieve so it's pointless to have 2 teams. Some people have been asking for a 2 team WPVP zone because there's 2 factions but considering the population of our server it wouldn't make sense to reduce the number of PvP encounters by half since the zone is so big and you would end up having to give up on objectives because your teammates are fighting an encounter you want to do (See 2nd section for more details) and I'm planning for this zone to be a FFA zone with soloable and 5m objectives of different difficulties.

The zone that I want would have :
- A maximum of 5 people grouped together (Bold, underlined for the illiterates.)
- FFA ! (Forget about your teams already) Everyone is your enemy, everyone wants to hurt you, everyone could be waiting behind a corner for you to start an objective and come gank you!
- Spawn randomly at any GY in the map as you enter the zone.
- Resurrect at a nearby GY (one of the 3 closest to you when you die) but not necessarily the closest because that could favor camping the GY by a BIS group.
- A bounty for killing a player with a killstreak (starting at 5+ kills, bounty raises every kill).
- Unique Marks and Tokens to be obtained through quests and objectives that could reward the long awaited BG REP ITEMS !! and much more of course.
- Announcements for time remaining and when someone engages an important objective so people are dragged toward it and it's not too easy for BIS to get tokens vs starters!
- Many more things I will think about or you will think about in a near future!
2 - Objectives, Quests, Farming, etc..
Alterac Valley has a lot of things to do and the zone is big enough for you to avoid fights with groups if you're alone but you would still be able to do quests and objectives and eventually you will be geared enough to engage other well geared players !

The valley contains : 2 Generals, 2 Captains, 8 Commanders and 12 Lieutenants. There is 10 Towers and 9 Graveyards as well (including factions spawn points as GY). You can find 2 mines and 2 caverns. And there is some mobs (wolves and rams) to be killed as well.

Now what this means is that you can do up to 50+ different objectives and quests!! YES 50!! Now that's something interesting isn't it ? Many different things to do spread all around a map big enough for you to enjoy yourself and encounter some people to fight!!
Notice that I mentioned farming in this section.. So I thought we could add mines and herb veins as well! (The most wanted ones, this needs to be determined later) The rams and wolves would serve the purpose for the leather.
Objectives to be done :
Capture a mine (soloable easy) resets every 10mins
Tower (soloable easy) resets every 10mins
Capture a GY (5m easy, soloable Hard) resets every 10mins
Lieutenants (5m Easy, soloable Hard) resets every 12 mins
Commanders (5m Average) resets every 12 mins
Captains (5m Hard) resets every 30mins
Generals (5m Very Hard) resets every hour
Quests to be done (all should be soloable)

- Kill mobs in caverns !
- Kill the rams and wolves !
- Kill guards ! (there is many guards all around the map, some with the objectives you need to kill/capture and some that are just in bases to bother you in your travels)
- Bring in tokens in exchange for recipes (not cheap) !
- Bring in tokens in exchange for gold !
- Bring in tokens in exchange for PvP tokens !
- Bring in tokens in exchange for BG Rep items !
- Bring in tokens in exchange for AV Mounts !
- Bring in tokens in exchange for PvP consumables !
- Bring in tokens in exchange for Flasks !
- Bring in tokens in exchange for Enchants (Naxx shoulder enchants and head/pants enchants which are available through quests in Azshara)
- Bring in tokens in exchange for buffs ! (So you get a little boost for hard objectives, mostly so bis players spend their tokens because it's easier for them to obtain and it would also serve them for raids so the starters can spend their tokens on gold and items while bis spend theirs on buffs)

Of course the captains/generals would have to be hard enough for people to think twice about engaging and cover their rear but I leave the difficulty to the devs and believe they will give a reward according to it..
3- Bounty !
I thought it would be fun to add a bounty to players with a kill streak (5+ kills) that raises as the player kill more people.
That's it for this section, it's very short hehe
4 - Rewards
The section people actually care about..
First thing first : there needs to be specific tokens for AV for taking objectives to be turned in exchange for gold/pvp tokens/BG rep items (yes make them available through AV tokens so it gives a unique purpose to AV!).

I would recommend keeping the pvp tokens when you kill people so we don't have to match the 50AV tokens = 50 pvp tokens and it would force people to do AV in order to get the BG rep items. 
Also by making it easier to obtain AV tokens (as long as you capture objectives) and offering as much gold for AV tokens as you do for pvp tokens it will give the players who farm gold through pvp a reason to be in AV!
Objectives Rewards :

Capture a mine - 25 tokens to each member of the group inside the mine
Capture a tower - 25 tokens each member of the group inside the perimeter
Capture a GY - 50 tokens each member of the group
Lieutenants - 50 tokens each
Commanders  - 75 tokens each
Captains - 125 tokens each
Generals - 250 tokens each, resets every 30mins
Quest Rewards :

I believe guards and mobs should drop an AV token each so killing them without a quest is still useful, but I would also add quests for killing a certain number of guards/mobs to be turned in for tokens as well.

- 10 guards/wolf/ram/mobs in caverns and mines killed = 20 AV tokens (a total of 30 tokens for killing 10 mobs! not bad! and many mobs/guards are around or inside objectives so it's worth the trouble to kill them all!)
- 100 AV tokens = 50 PVP tokens
- 50 AV tokens = 200g
- 1000 AV tokens = AB/WSG shoulders and pants
- 1250 AV tokens = AV Weapons (they're not that good to be worth a ton of tokens)
- 1500 AV tokens = AV Rings / AV mounts
- (Add fair number) tokens = a specific recipe (for example the 30 spell power enchant is 200 recipe tokens in Azshara, which is long to obtain, so 2000 AV tokens would seem like a fair number of tokens for that recipe and of course the number of tokens required would be adjusted according to the recipe you're trying to obtain)
- (Add fair number) tokens = a specific consumable (adjusted according to the consumable)
- 250 AV tokens = Ony Buff
Bounty Reward :

Bounty starts after 5 killstreak.. 
5 Kills = 100g or 25 PvP tokens or 50 AV tokens 
+ 20g or 5 PvP tokens or 10 AV tokens for everytime the killstreak is prolonged

I'm not sure if this should be rewarded to the killer only (killing blow) or split amongst the group members if they are grouped, to be debated as well.
5 - Misc

I was thinking that adding an announcement when people are trying to capture an objective as well as an announcement for time remaining for objectives respawn would be nice.
6 - TL: DR

You might think that this wall of text is too hard for you to read and understand but for people who have been asking for WPVP for a long time (as well as those who would just like that without saying so) I believe it's worth reading and you should take some time to do so.

All positive criticism is welcome !! Keep the conversation going.. I came up with this idea but i'm only one person and I know that when people work together for a greater cause we could make something unique and amazing that no other server could offer and this could attract a lot of PvP oriented players !!
Thank you for reading.

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