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  200 stacks of ...
Posted by: walenkryx - 10-01-2016, 10:43 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (4)

Please make 200 stack for that Smile

Heavy runecloth bandage : http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=14530


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Posted by: Sprodemonster - 10-01-2016, 08:56 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

So ran a Ony group with a Tauren Shaman named Xisami and the only reason I went was for the Onyxia Head. We kill it and the dude ninja kicks me. Idgaf but I figured I'd let it be known that he's a ninja. That is all.

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  logging issues
Posted by: nachowow - 10-01-2016, 04:44 PM - Forum: General - Replies (6)

hi , i can't login 
i'm stuck at " logging in to game server "
already tryed to reset router and pc
there's a server issue ? or it's only me ?

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  Cutyoup doner bash me, i cri
Posted by: Ipolylol - 10-01-2016, 04:50 AM - Forum: Report Cheater/Hacker/Abuse - Replies (1)


Rule: 17 - Doner bashing

I got doner bashed, even tho I didn't donate. he meni mean 2 every1, he doner bash others 2. evry1 teary now, so much salt

Around 6:45Am server time, 0/1/10/2016.

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  L2 focus ples.
Posted by: hellpatrol - 09-30-2016, 05:33 PM - Forum: World PvP, Battlegrounds - Replies (2)

Ok so here is the deal.When healer is sheeped (most healers are t3 with crazy heals) pls don't nuke him,unless he has another dispeller near him.I sheeped a  t3 priest 2 day and some shaman kept focusing him.Plz git gud.
Ps:GOT A STRANGE ADDICTION TO KEYBOARD TURNING?NO PROBLEM!Contact doctor Madscinetist,he will help u with ur addiction!

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Rainbow Epic pvp event sunday !
Posted by: walenkryx - 09-30-2016, 01:03 AM - Forum: World PvP, Battlegrounds - Replies (4)

Hi there, i'm thinking about making a 15v15 event this week end, since we dont have any crossfaction area except Gurubashi for now, we will need as much ally players as horde players. Not gonna be easy but its possible.

So if there is any ally players that wants to come, then you are welcome sunday, caster classes would also be perfect !

The event start sunday around 21:00 server time.

Regarding horde players, we are full, maybe 1 or 2 spot will be available if some guys dont show up tho !

I did an event there few weeks ago with the help of Env we have now 3 spirit rez in the area, so we dont have to wait 2min before rez, and can just run with our ghost and talk to one of the 3 spirit ghost to rez instant.
The area is near Grim batol, in the Wetland.
But i'll make a raid for ally and horde to go there together, maybe a gm will tp us there too.

So yea, the area is pretty op, we will have 15v15 fights with instant rez, so a full fight always alive.

If we have more than 15 ally players, of course we will recruit more horde players. The more we are the better, since the area of Grim batol is pretty huge it won't be an issue to be a lot of player there.

If you participate, it is at least for an hour,  if its just for 10 minutes one of the team can be quickly desadvantage regarding the other.

I'm Sunqt in game, and i'll start recruiting ally players first around 20:30 server time,

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  Big wow error.
Posted by: Sylvanaseu - 09-29-2016, 10:34 PM - Forum: General - Replies (5)

This happens whenever I start the client, the client starts, it loads normally, then automatically closes before I have the chance to even see the login window. This occurs every time I try to start WoW.

Yes, I have tried deleting both WDB and WTF folders, ive tried extracting it into my desktop, ive tried restarting my computer, ive even tried using another client which is hosted by another server.

Do you have any solutions to this problem? I'm going mental over here [email protected]#"!!

Link to picture: http://imgur.com/a/8KDzA

[Image: 8KDzA]

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  Arena Grand Master
Posted by: Gnawbone - 09-29-2016, 10:13 PM - Forum: Declined Suggestions - Replies (5)

Suggestion: Add the Arena Grand Master trinket (http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=19024) to one of the existing vendors.

Reason: It is a fun trinket and it isn't imbalanced. It is normally available through a quest chain starting in STV arena, which has been removed due to RW's custom arena mechanics. It would be nice to have this trinket for nostalgic reasons, as well as providing a bit more survivability to lower-geared classes.

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  Thistle Tea.
Posted by: Hisana - 09-28-2016, 04:33 PM - Forum: Declined Suggestions - Replies (20)


I understand the concept of the server. It's a fun server where dueling and PvP is readily available to anyone who plays here. Other than that, some gear and high end consumables are gated behind content, which gives people something to do and a feeling of progression and also incentive to donate for server up-keep. Which is perfectly fine.

My problem is with Thistle Tea. As with (probably most) people here, we love to play on this server to practice our skill at playing different classes. The Cool Down reset on duels is what allows us to do this, which is super great. But the problem with Rogue is that Thistle Tea isn't readily available on this server. In duels, if I want to practice my class, I'll burn through Tea every single duel for maximum burst and playstyles that simply isn't possible without it. Thistle Tea is an integral part of the rogue class. 

On a Blizlike server Thistle Tea is like 2g for a stack. That's virtually free. This is a fun server where you're supposed to be able to duel over and over and over again.. and Tea is much, much, much harder to come by here than on a Blizlike server.

Thistle Tea shouldn't be treated like other consumables like Healing Potion, etc. Tea is an integral part of the Rogue, like Blind and Vanish.

I really hope you can address this somehow.

Some suggestions:

- Simply add it to the posion vendor that sells Blinding Powder, etc.
- Sell it for PvP tokens (although we already need PvP tokens for CD reset on duels..)
- Sell it for voting points (in large enough stacks to last the day)

Thank you.

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  Ban Appeal
Posted by: likashi - 09-27-2016, 10:23 PM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (1)

Account name:likashi
Ban Reason: Detected by Anti-Cheat,played on WSG,got hard lags(problems with internett,400-500 ms),after 1 dc,trying too log on acc(but acc banned)
Information about your ban:never use any cheats or abusing on BGS.(just no point 2 use),got alout of chars on t server.
Additional information:i hoppe would you believe me,and hope for your understanding.

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