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  Ban Appeal
Posted by: fantaghiro - 08-05-2018, 03:10 AM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (1)

One of your characters from the banned account: Ziggystar
Ban Reason: I have no idea why.
Information about your ban:
Additional Information: I was doing WSG and I was disconnected and banned. I've always played on this server and I've never used cheats.

Yours sincerely,

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Posted by: Auramylove - 08-05-2018, 01:22 AM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - No Replies

New to Retro-wow. I've been playing WoW since 2006. Came here to play with an old vanilla/Bc friend. Ciao~ Heart

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  Quicker quests in AV
Posted by: mentos987 - 08-04-2018, 08:51 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (1)

I have been told that the summoning of IVUS/Lokholar, the flyers and the riders currently works on the server but I have not seen any of them myself, yet.

Suggestion: Reduce the requirements for the "offence"-related quests in AV.

Implementation: I think cutting requirements down by 75% should do it. E.g. 50 blood for Lokholar instead of 200. And also make the summoning simpler (2 guys instead of 10?). Same for the other summoning quests: Less food for the flyers and less tamed wolves/rams for riders.


  • Our bg only have half of the intended population (40 instead of 80), which leads to slower questing progress.
  • AV gets deadlocked way too often.
  • The summons are epic! I never see them and I miss them.

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  Can anyone actually confirm whats going on?
Posted by: Captnhook - 08-04-2018, 07:48 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

I'm still unable to log on and I don't see any real answers being given. Can anyone actually confirm what's going on with the server?

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  Leathercraft on Warcraft/ handmade
Posted by: Bayvey - 08-04-2018, 07:13 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - No Replies

Hi, I do various leather products, I will be glad if you like it. 
I have a small shop on etsy shop
[Image: b19019c3a34e847c434f7c281bf725f2.jpg][Image: 79e1605c6e50869356747233168f2293.jpg][Image: c2fe042ee3cac119ae8577b30922ea2c.jpg][Image: a9d03415fdb46ac91b8e0a43d45d53e5.jpg][Image: 3eb371bf3234ad36c89a7fbca0f606e5.jpg][Image: 4a441829beaf27fd65a16e0a2a40bc69.jpg][Image: 66a6638d9f166c1758216648f20a338e.jpg]
what do you think about this?https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtRealRU?ref=search_shop_redirect


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  Connection Issue?
Posted by: wtfomgnowayy - 08-04-2018, 02:48 AM - Forum: General - Replies (11)

I've been trying to log in for 30+ mins now and am still unable to connect. Is there some issue going on, or is it just me?

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  1v1 starter gear only tournament
Posted by: Krixx - 08-04-2018, 12:56 AM - Forum: Events - No Replies

Saturday 08/04/2018 at 2am server time. I will be hosting a 1v1 starter gear only tournament for all willing participants.
Gold prizes 1st 9000 2nd 4500 3rd 2500, If more people which to add to the pool for larger payouts all donations are welcome. 
     Exceptions: PvP trinket for all classes, Skull of Impending Doom, Barov Peasant Caller, Spider Belt
     Banned from Use items: Tidal Charm, All Engineering items, Horned Viking Helm, Potions/Consumables that your cannot class cannot create(ex. Healthstones/Spellstones, Mana Gems are only consumables allowed), and of course anything that isn't from the starter gear vendors or the exceptions I listed above.

 Furthermore: due to the last starter tournament being easily won by Soul Link warlocks, that current spec will be banned from this Tournament.  Cooldowns exceeding 10 minutes are also not allowed and you will be disqualified for using such tactics. 
             Please Post your participants name on this thread to be added to the roster for proper bracket managing
     And if you have any suggestions or questions please Message Krixx ingame or post on this thread.

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  ban appeal
Posted by: Livisteron - 08-03-2018, 01:05 PM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (1)

One of your characters from the banned account: Livisteron
Ban ReasonConfusedpeed/dist or something
Information about your ban:I was in AQ40 raiding at the last boss. I got tp`ed in the room from Cthun`s Phase suddenly i got DC`ed. When I loged my game froze and i closed it... when i attempted to log back in.. it said that my account was banned. Would appreciate if you remove the ban. It might be something related to my ms cus sometimes i got hight latency due to my **** provider.

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  Ban Appeal
Posted by: sweetnuts - 08-03-2018, 01:43 AM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (1)

One of your characters from the banned account: Sweetnuts
Ban Reason: Rule 9-24
Information about your ban: I was suspended for the first time two weeks ago and I barely typed anything at all after that. I really love this server and am just wondering why I was banned.
Additional Information:  

Have a great day

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  ban appeal
Posted by: noughtzero - 08-02-2018, 07:51 PM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (1)

char: noughtz / noughtzero
 my account has been banned, i got latency problems because of my provider ... i reloged 10 times with latency 7000ms .... and then i got banned ... dont know why ... please can you fix it
kind regards noughtzero

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