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Accident ban (apparently) - FrostyToxic - 12-21-2017

Account Name: FrostyToxic
Last used character name: Frostytoxic
Ban Reason: I don't know actually
Information about your ban: 
Dear Gamemaster,

I was playing battleground on the certain server Retro-wow today (21/12/2017) at 9.30 o'clock pm. There, I was fighting for about 12 minutes. During the game, I had lags a lot and therefore the server disconnected me 2 times. Afterwards, I finally logged in and then I got a message "This World of Warcraft account has been temporarily suspended. Please go to ... (URL) for further information". I adore your WoW server and I would like to play there again. However, I swear haven't been using any cheats or scripts. If you want, I'm able to make any screenshots you want. You can even test my game folder or check my in-game log.

Thank you in advance.



RE: Accident ban (apparently) - Ossirian - 12-22-2017


Your ban appeal is accepted.

Closed thread.