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Unfair BAN - veneno - 12-23-2017

Hey guys, i tell you this because i dont use anyone hack and my account has been banned without reason.

I was playing with my warrior on warsong gluch and i was disconnected 2 times, i entered again and the 3ยบ time that i was disconnected my account was banned. I dont know the reason, i usually play pvp jumping a lot, and today i had a bit lag.

Please fix it, my account is Veneno, and i was playing with my warrior Farlopa.

Thanks very much

Att: Eskorbuto

RE: Unfair BAN - Ossirian - 12-23-2017


Your account was banned for breaking rule:

Rule 13) Hacking: The use of any kind of third party software, and any kind of hacking
72 hours or permanent.

We are not obligated to warn before we suspend an account.

Ban will be lifted in 3 days ( 72 hours ).

Closed thread.