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Ban appeal - iloveretro - 12-24-2017

Account Name: 
Turkeltown1, Turkeltown2, Turkeltown3, Turkeltown4, Turkeltown5, Turkeltown6, Turkeltown7, Turkeltown8, Turkeltown9,  and Bleazi3

Last used character name:
Iloveretro getoverhere frintp and mapquest are my main characters

Ban Reason: 

I was unaware multiboxing was against the rules.  Honestly i love retro wow and have played here for ~2 years now.  This is my first offense and if you look at my gear that i got all legit from raids i clearly have spent alot of time on this server. It would be a shame for my time here to end like this. 

Thanks for reading this, i hope you believe in second chances. 
If this is the end thanks for the good times

RE: Ban appeal - Ossirian - 12-24-2017


Your ban appeal is declined, because in two years you couldn't find five minutes of your time to learn rules and regulations that Retro-WoW is based on.

Closed thread.