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NEW CORE SUGGESTIONS - returnflag - 12-26-2017

It's a shared belief by many that LOS needs to be implemented in midfield WSG despite not being blizzlike, this is one of the key points about this server; especially considering the ease of obtaining naxx gear, and being a BIS lock

Replacing d1 with d2 as starter gear, this will help reduce time spent on balancing mc/bwl, as it allows better gear optimization. Reduces gear gap in pvp.

Implementing materials in lootcrates, takes a good hour or two in SQL to make a fuckload of drops. Increases trading and economy, advocates more Battlegrounds.

Giving R14 players the ability to reset cooldowns without PVP tokens, rewarding dedicated players who have multiple alts.
e.g. receieve "ultimate duel coin" on rankup / vendor.

voting bags so i can spam vote ur server

RE: NEW CORE SUGGESTIONS - Mercader - 12-27-2017

its not that hard to reach r14 in bg took my alt 8days off and on time doing bgs but the D2 thing is +1

RE: NEW CORE SUGGESTIONS - Krofman - 12-28-2017

Adding Bloodvine bis caster pve set aswell +1