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Xonarb report - simo46 - 12-28-2017

It is already a week that this player continues to ruin the gaming experience by saying false things in the world chat. 
I explain my case:
- i was selling Swiftness Potion for 40% less then AH price.
- he start spamming in world chat that i'm a scammer because the potion recipe can be bought from a alchemy vendor for 20 silver. ( not real cuz this recipe is world npc loot with 0.01%)
It's more then 1 week that keeping doing it every time i try to sell something.

This guy is known to have improper behavior and be completely immature. 
The Players already reported him some time, and even after receiving several warnings he continues to have these types of attitudes. 

Screenshot here:

best regards

RE: Xonarb report - Ossirian - 12-28-2017


Thank you for the report.

Closed thread.