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Selling/Giveaway a Bind on Pickup - tilurdead - 12-29-2017

Hi Guys,

so this is my case:
i got banned for Rule 26 -> Selling/Giveaway a Bind on Pickup ("BoP") Items (loot from a boss/elite) to a player which wasn't in the group/raid when the loot was dropped.

To be honest... it's true that i wrote once today in chat that i would like to sell one Item which just dropped. Someone straight told me that it's against the rules so i stopped posting in chat immediately. I am sorry for my try and i will never do this again! Now i know that it's not allowed! 

Because nobody ever looted this item i would like to ask you guys to unban me.

I like playing on your server alot and i wanna apologize for my mistake. 
I appreciate your work guys and i want to be part of your comunity!

Cheers Tilurdead  Heart

Account Name: tilurdead
Last used character name: tilurhunted
Ban Reason: Rule 26
Information about your ban: see above

RE: Selling/Giveaway a Bind on Pickup - BAM - 12-30-2017

Appeal accepted. Don't let it happen again.