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ban app - marrm - 01-24-2018

Account Name: xgodmarm
Last used character name: marmxgodx
Ban Reason: I showed a macro to someone in the duelzone, not using it to my advantage whatsoever, got banned on the spot for it
Information about your ban: genuine reason; was duelling some rogue, asked if vanishblind worked on this server, he told me it did but wasn't very reliable. I made a short macro(which is completely legit btw) used it a couple of times to vanish the blinds, to no advantage of mine since we were only dueling
Additional Information: I been banned for couple of months, didn't really see why it was necessary in the first place since I wasn't actually breaking any rules

I only played here for a few months prior to the ban but I enjoyed the time I spent here

2nd chance plx<3
a removal of the ip ban would be cool, id be happy to start again fresh


RE: ban app - Ossirian - 01-24-2018


Ban appeal accepted.

Closed thread.