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that is not fair - dlwkgjs11 - 02-01-2018

ok gm, we had a fight but he never went to out the dungeon so i used multi boxing cuz he is not goin out the dungeon. is it really my fault ? i dont really think i am cuz even he had a problem too. and it my id instance too right?
i will not use agian but even he insulted my mom and about my family  that is why i used cuz he blamed our family.
i am sry for using multi-boxing but even he acted like asshole. i heard that insulting family is banned for ip
Account Name:dlwkgjs11
Last used character name:holyshiiit
Ban Reason:multi-boxing
Information about your ban:
Additional Information:

RE: that is not fair - Ossirian - 02-02-2018


You got kicked first, as a warning regarding multiboxing.
Both of your characters were out of the mall, and you were using both of them to block raid ID.
Your accounts got banned for period of 48 hours ONLY.