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Insulting me + threating
So I am playing with my friend in arena and this guy Arimaxd ALWAYS have to say cursing words when he gets killed. It is so annoying. At the first picture he starts calling me a retard. I asked him to just leave me alone a couple of times, but he keeps cursing. I would like to report him again. Very shortly after being reported he still continues.... Also because he wishes to find me irl to beat the shit out of me, which is see as a threat. Very unfortunate that I am only allowed to post 5 images! I kept asking to stop whispering me multiple times and he kept going insulting.

At the last screenshot he insulted me in french: "t'es fr en plus espece de triso" which means: You are fr (probably "fucking retard" what it means) and also for sure some kind of mongol species. Triso is short for trisomique which means mongol, not the Mongolian nation, but syndrome down. How low can you go for real. It seems he doesnt want to learn to behave normal in this community. 
I don't trust him at all.. people can be very dangerous

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Well someone took PvP a bit too seriously.
What addon is that for your trinket swap?
Think the addon is :

Dealt with.

Closed thread.

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