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Save Arathi Basin
Right now AB is a ghost town, people won't join because you will most likely miss your warsong call and AB will be closed due to lack of players, effectively wasting your time
We all know that people like playing AB but nobody even Queues for it anymore because in the earliest days of the server, the population just couldn't sustain on going AB, now that the server has a big enough population for a good pvp experience the players are locked in WSG.

This is a PVP server, if WSG remains the only played BG people will get sick of it, and many are sick of it already, specially due to the proliferation of premades which with a 300 average population just ruins the pvp for the majority.

My suggestion.
Either increase the amount of gold rewarded for turning 10 AB marks, or reduce the amount WSG gives, I think 1k for 10 is balanced (towards making it a hard grind if u want to achieve gear this way)
 but to get people to play AB marks should give at least 1500g. (at least for some time then back to normal)

- AB week, once or twice a month the server should host AB week, in which playing AB will reward extra gold, only for a short period of time. Make AB popular, once people start queuing they won't stop and people will continue to que for WSG and arathi and not just WSG as they currently do since AB is a waste of time.
Most importantly, Keep one BG clear of premades, the server needs new people to thrive, premades made of full BiS just farming bgs won't gain the server any new players.
fighting premades is the best pvp for some, but fighting premades as a pug usually means most will just afk and wait to lose, etc. very few people enjoy this.

The Arena Dweller , Krofman

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