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Ban appeal
Account Name: 
Turkeltown1, Turkeltown2, Turkeltown3, Turkeltown4, Turkeltown5, Turkeltown6, Turkeltown7, Turkeltown8, Turkeltown9,  and Bleazi3

Last used character name:
Iloveretro getoverhere frintp and mapquest are my main characters

Ban Reason: 

I was unaware multiboxing was against the rules.  Honestly i love retro wow and have played here for ~2 years now.  This is my first offense and if you look at my gear that i got all legit from raids i clearly have spent alot of time on this server. It would be a shame for my time here to end like this. 

Thanks for reading this, i hope you believe in second chances. 
If this is the end thanks for the good times

Your ban appeal is declined, because in two years you couldn't find five minutes of your time to learn rules and regulations that Retro-WoW is based on.

Closed thread.

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