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Tip to change battlegrounds
Hello everyone 

I have seen a really big problem inside ALL bgs(premade or not)

People zerg(geared,not geared,starters,hw,gm,almost everyone)

This is the death of pvp and, i think,the main reason are token.

Win a bg pay you only 350 gold(3 mark) which is not good for a lot of players.

This is not important to me(honestly) but i think you have to prevent the zerg.

I have a simple solution: give tokens if you win a match(for example 10)

This will prevent some zergers to go middle and spam random keys instead of focus efc/help fc and play with brain.

agree with me?

Really, find a solution caus a bg,like this, is not a only an arena where 9 kids vs 9 kids zerg middle..and 1 of each team try to play wsg.


I hope in an answer by staff Smile

I love this server and i hope will work to prevent this "token farm" that destroy pvp
It's funny that this idea keeps popping up from times to times :)
I totally agree with you @Teschianto, only rewarding a player that plays the flag will make wsg's way better in term of challenge and overall quality.
Some people will ofc always farm mid and be selfish that's a fact, but with that new reward system there will be way less players doing that.
SImply because people tend to play the way that rewards them the most.
So wsg's quality will be highly improved after some time, once ppl are used to play the flag.

I've seen so many players leave because of wsg's not being good enough, so many ppl raging in bg chat because some ppl fight and simply don't look around them, because of the instant pvp token reward.
Making only flag gameplay rewarding will make players way more aware of the map, of their teammates and ennemies position because playing flag requires as much awareness as possible.
Not everyone will become pro after 1 week, sure. But at some point people will get better and better, because it's in human nature to improve their chances to get rewarded.
And the better they play, the higher their chances to win the wsg's are.
And when players become better, wsg's become better, and if wsg becomes better, players play better and longer and don't get bored after 2 weeks.

btw, farming mid is not bad, it's almost necessary to play flag a lot of time. But there is smart zerg and the zerg where you dismount to help killing that druid when the efc is near you.

Zerg is basically fight, but choosing wich fights to start, how to start it is way more interesting than going into any fights without any bigger picture in mind.
Adding more variables to a bg instead of just killing random ppl at any time by making only the flag gameplay rewarding will definitely imo, improve the feeling of challenge and competitiveness.

I'm almost sure that suggestion won't be accepted as it were not in the past tho friend, but talking about it is always nice :))
Why they not want to change it?

Wsg ,atm, is not a bigger gurubashi arena and, unfortunately,people who play fc are always alone.

I hope gm want to make this server better..and not a bad copy of the original one

Zerg is good when have a strategy..but here they zerg just cause tokens..totally ignoring the main reason to play wsg: FLAG.

This way increase the zerg..i think (some of us) are here to play bg.

If i want to zerg there is gurubashi
I know its hard to adapt to this current pvp system, but the best thing to do is host premades, figure out the best players in the warsong gulches that can play objective and continue to focus on the main objective of Warsong Gulch (flag) with them.

i always play objective on mage, i que with 1-2 players that play flag too. That is the only reason warsong gulch is fun, if you solo queue prepare to be stuck with selfish players that farm mid - as sunqt said

[Image: SZSbk12.jpg]
My Outlook:

Solo Queue = Farm HKs, Have fun and if you win you win if you lose you lose. Consider it out of your control. No Stress. No Rage etc.

10man Premade = Play for the Objective. Play to win.
I have seen premades who camp gy.
I have seen premades who zerg only.

Premade is not a solution..

Change something can be.

10 token victory or something will changes players mind.

Otherwise: everyone who loves pvp will stop to play soon
This post is not about a will to win warsong guys.
The consequence of that suggestion would lead to both our team but also the enemy team to increase their chances to win the wsg with such a reward system being implemented.
So it doesn't benefit us in any way.

I think what Teschianto is trying to say is that wsg's quality will be improved more than anything, that's what really matter to him and me.
Sure, making a group to gank enemies can be done, sure even a small group can be made creating a bit more challenge.
But the challenge would be, in any possible scenario you can imagine, way more interesting and challenging with the majority of the player base doing objective instead of having a gameplay that encourages them to play mid with no overall awareness.

In one word we believe that a bg with players playing flag is way more fun because it requires way more work from every players, so players actually become involved. Wsg's becomes more than just a place where you fight random people, it becomes a place with feeling and memories.
Because playing a flag got a huge skill cap and that when players actually work hard, they create bound between each other. Communication will be something usual in bg's because everyone will want to win.

Wsg's will actually become a place that makes the community feeling stronger and make players stay longer, not only because wsg's quality is way better, but also because they made friends in these bg's.
Or ennemies !

I want to find a way to let childs play a real wsg.

Even premades zerg caus of this system..

Hope to receive an official answer.

Pvp is dead atm, they zerg wsg as same as it is gurubashi.

10 token can solve EVERYTHING
I really like this idea, it's super frustrating when you try to win games and people just running around playing team deathmatch. I don't care about gold or tokens, just enjoy winning games, some additional reward for winning like a bulk of pvp tokens ain't a bad idea imo.
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