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Auction critical error.
Greetings all, don't know if it is the right section to post it... From yesterday I keep getting a critical error crash when switching tab into autcion house, and only with a sigle character as I could have check. Sometimes I can switch, then when I sell an item the crash happen again. I use "Aux" addon, but if disabled the bug occur at the same rate.

[Image: 3444jtg.png]

Thanks for your help.
I noticed this when putting lots of items up for auction, there might be a built in cap or something similar. Just try not to put so many auctions on and you can avoid this (I've found!)
Don't use AH problem solved
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(3 hours ago)Gnawbone Wrote: Don't use AH problem solved

forumbone back at it with 10903849 iintelegince qoints

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