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10 Man Naxxramas
Hello there Retro-Wow

I think its sad to see how many of the mechanics where are either missing or broken in Naxx. Mostly due to the fact that they are not really possible to do with 5 man most of the times. Therefore i think here with the upcoming new core that you guys are working. That you should change Naxxramas to 10 man instead of 5. Since you already have to do the work on the raids again I think that it is the best possible time to do it.
This will also allow you to have a much more mixed group instead of the 1 warrior, 1 H paladin, 1 rogue or fury, 1 mage, 1 warlock. It will open up the raid for so many new group setups and actually give you the feeling that you are raiding now. Its also the last "raid" so i cant see why we shouldn't make it a bit more difficult.
Maybe its just me, but i'm kinda missing that real raiding feeling on Retro-Wow and i think this would but a great way to get it back on Retro-Wow. I would like to have a raid where i actually could fit more than 5 of my guildies to come and have fun. Also the fact that classes that before was seen as useless, might actually get a spot in a group with 2 tanks 3 healers and 5 dps.

And i know that there properly are a few out there disagreeing with me on this. Mainly because they want to be able to alt loot easily, at least that is the only reason that i could see why you would be against this. But yeah that is all i had to say, think about it Wink
Indeed, getting items will take more time, that’s the main issue, since a lot of players are here for the easy grind.
The question is:
Is the grind to get gear going to be short enough to keep players attractived by retrowow.
In my opinion the feeling of being in a 10 men raid added to the fact that it will allow more specs to do pve is definitly worth the negative aspect of a grind being a bit longer. 2 months to be bis instead of 1 is not a dealbreaker at all when you see the amount of energy /time to get these items on other servers.

Btw, having a bit longer gear gring is a negative and a positive aspect, since it gives more value to the gear, more meaning to it.
Therefore players will have a stronger relationship with the server, kinda.
So they’ll stay longer, donate more.

We are talking in theory tho, without taking in consideration any practical facts regarding server’s priority etc.

But in theory I agree with you, it’s clearly worth it

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