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Ban Appeal (Rule #20)
Account Name: Dakota07
 Last Used character Name: Bigjimmy/Seekay
 Ban Reason: Rule 20
 Information: Was banned after a remark about the server that may have been taken the wrong way, well obviously since i was banned it was taken the wrong way but it wasnt meant to be hurtful to the staff member that i was talking to at the time, i've been on this server for awhile now and it would really suck if all my effort goes to waste over something that wasnt even meant to harm.
 Additional: Anyways although there seems to be many ban appeal currently i hope i am chosen to have mine reverted and i can start playing on the custom server that i've been enjoying for years.

Thank you for reading; Seekay/Bigjimmy

Insulting the project, or the staff that runs this project is highly forbidden.

Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.

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