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Ban Appeal
Account Name: Dozyo

Last used character name: Dozmatic

Ban Reason: Paypal Chargeback

Information about your ban: It was a mistake longtime ago. Message from my bank about "fraud" and they had to block all transactions through my bank until the issue was resolved and informed me to refund my purchases within the last 24 hours. (This was well over a year ago, over 2 now i believe)

Additional Information: I'm genuinely sorry for going against the rules and will not do this again.
If you cannot unban my account, would it be possible to delete the characters on there so i can use there names to make a new account.

But please consider giving me a 2nd chance, this was my first offence and i will not be breaking Any of the rules at all on the server or forums.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.
Hope you can forgive me this once.


Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.

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