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Massive insulting by 3 balkan players and threatening with ban
1. Character name: Doggaa,Macholiki,Promatijaner
2. Reason: Doggaa and macholiki always insult me everyday but i didnt wanned to report since they are same nation like me,but this is just too much and i decided to report because they become way too much jealous and mad on me because i focusing them in bgs,saying something over world and they start insulting,whatever i do they attack me,and its just not nice,i never insulted any retro wow player,so they should learn to be polite and be good person like rest of retro wow players.Please make it reviewed by ossirian he will know what is here happening.Here i provide 7 screenshots
3. Proof(Screenshot, video):

I have a feeling that this isn't a complete conversation between you all. Next time please screenshot everything you said, and everything they did. I will let you with a false report warning this time.

Good luck.

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