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Some players went too far,massive insults,donor bash,abuses and more
Character name: (Better be reviewed by GM Ossirian because there is also some balkan stuff going on here) Theres many of them,il list names and reasons but before all this i just wanna say about that guy exemplis who keeps spaming reports without any sense or reason,he used to spam me from lot of different chars,trying to trigger me,my freaking ignore list got full cant ignore him but its not happening only to me,it happens to rest players,anyone can confirm this,he is that nubkek/shrekmejster who got banned on all accs but hes back now.Lets continue with other now,btw pics are not going 12345 they are kinda random but u will figure out all without problem,ps sorry for bad quality

Limiing - Abused some quest item,spawned some spirits all around hyjal that created big lag to players,i got dced even,later he started spaming world chat that im doing this and not him,spreading lies about me.PS u can see some players also talked about this on world and they had problems with it too.

Skylarka - Donor bashed my mage char

Azertys - Another donor bash on me

Qca - Some random balkan guy ??? No idea who the fk is he first time saw him,he whispers me some rude stuff.

Juststarted - Some guy from croatia insulting me,also theres national insult calling me serbian garbage over world chat and gypsy.

Jebachx - Promoting another server,insulting retro wow,insulting retro wow players,insulting me,spaming rude stuff no comment for this guy,also another language on world chat.

Felorne - Cursing on some balkan language over world chat

Chinapork - Insulting country,there was also some of national insults but i could not screenshot since i had some dc problems there

Bloodkingg - Calling people retarded over world chat (this guy is also denica famous ninja looter who got banned many times)

Notice that all this happened on same day / 1-2 hours,server needs more gm-s online

Proof(Screenshot, video): here i provide lot of screenshots    and this one too

Thank you for the reports.

Closed thread.

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