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Wierd? Right?

So in the past few days the reports thats been going on Xonard by other people are a lot and as you can see he is getting lots of hate by the community everyday! don't you GM find it wierd that Xonard is getting hate by everyone? I mean try to check the world chat everyday when he starts talking. And btw i know for sure that he does whipser every player that he ever kills/dies to in the game he whispers him lots of insutls etc...!  And you guys can make a poll and see the amount of people that reccived hate messages from Xonard.

My point is that the problem is with him! Not with Retro-WoW community.

So i ask you to mute him for long enough time or bann him.

Now i know you gonna say just ignore him and his alts... but he keeps doing it almost everyday and new players on this server would take bad impression about the server.

(I am not trying to act like a GM but he is really ruining the community of the server.)

Best regards.
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Dude stop hating on me since the first day i started playing on retro u had some fucking problems with me,i know u from fucking alakir u've been hating me there now also here,little 16 year old boy,stop with your trash talk and stuff,nobody hates me except few people who are toxic,i dont insult others over world chat,not my problem if they break rules,i dont do that,if i insult over whispers they have ignore option and thats all,its not problem with me,the problem is other players who hate too much,whatever u do they hate,whatever i post they start talking about me,donor bashing and insulting,thats not my problem i have a right to report whats against stfu and dont post this stuff,doesnt make any sense,this is used for reporting abuse / cheat and stuff,if u have to report something go report it,dont post this kind of stuff,doesnt make any sense ur just wasting gm's time.bye

Reports against me are only by one guy called exemplis who got banned before on all accs,and they dont make any sense,i giveaway gold every week to starter players and i help every player on sever who is good like a person,if i gave those toxic players gold they would be acting friendly same day,and there would be no hate,lot of players respect me so shut up stop spreading false informations,my guild mates can confirm
+1 sam.
+1 sam

This Xonard guy is the most toxic player i ever met. Im playing here since the very early stage of Retro-WoW and i really feel that something has to be done about him. Finally someone spoke out what the whole server is thinking about that guy. He exactly nows how to offend people to do stuff they normally wont do. All his actions have one purpose: getting people tilted and then report those people.

But thats just my opinion.

Best regards
Follow template to report a player. We dont deal with this witch-hunt type report.
There is no voteban system on this server, get evidence of rule breaking and we will take action in accordance to that.

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