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GDKP / Gold DKP / Naxx Runs kicking in?
Alright i didnt expect that so much players on retro wow server dont know what is this ? On normal 40 man raid servers gdkp was always priority,it was even better than classic dkp,it should work out really nice also on 5 man style.
I wanna notice GMs that this is not any kind of gambling / abuse so this new style of raiding should make things much better and more interesting.
Im planing to start gdkp runs and lets see how it works out,i gave idea on world chat and saw theres lot interested players up for this,so i decided to try this.
I think nobody tried this on retro wow 5 man raids style.

Because everyone have same chance to get what they want,its not based on luck like example /roll system,everyone can bid on any item,even if you dont get anything from gear in naxx,you can still get big or small amounts of gold for being in naxx.And no ninja looters / scams (at least in my runs),also great way to keep players in raid,there are better chances for players to stay in raids and not randomly leave (gold motivation)

Ok so for all those who dont know how is this working,this is how it should work in 1 naxx run.
So you kill boss,leader announces drop and players start biding for item with gold.
Everyone can bid on any item,no matter if its for their main class or for their alt
The winner is ofc the person with highest gold bid.
The winner after that trades gold to a leader of raid and gets his item.
Leader is spliting all collected gold to all players,including himself of course (20% to each player,for example 20000 collected gold from biding,everyone gets 4000g each).
Spliting should be done after every wing or after 2 wings.And on the end last 2 bosses.
Players who random leave / without any reason should not get their part of gold.
Players who have to go and they ask for their part should not get it,they should wait for the end of wing/last boss.
Now for example if 1 dude left,so theres 4 of raid members gold will be split fair again,25%
KT should have same biding style,no need for any changes
If player bids gold but he dont have that much,leader should have right to punish him on some way.
The naxx trash items should stay on /roll.
The items start bidin from minimal price for example 100,200,500 or 1000 gold.

Notice you should go only with someone who you trust,do this runs at your own risk,dont cry to GMs later "i got scammed i got ninja i got gold stolen" etc,its all your problems for not being careful.

Please leave comment if you like this idea and if you support it,also if you have something to add feel free to comment to make this even better.
Greetings from Xonarb.
That would be nice, the only problem with it is poor players like me will suffers.
Also it should be if you want to loot something with alt it should be higher priced by 10% to make alt looting even more harder
Inc 10h naxx runs.
(04-04-2018, 05:14 PM)Blazeretrowow Wrote: Inc 10h naxx runs.

They already exist so i would say inc 15h naxx runs ^^

i mean, there npcs in hyjal selling gear for gold.
This only works on 40 man servers because 15-20 well geared players can carry 20-25 other players that are inadequately geared. It’s not going to work well with 5 people in your party. You can make groups and clear content way too easily. People could possible refrain from joining other gdkp runs based on a players reputation. Also, a player could go in the raid with a little bit of gold and come out with more gold than they came in with according to your view on gold distribution. It won’t work.

It’s communism
I guess it’s a nice idea, just personally I don’t think it would work with 5 man groups.

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