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Maliotass C'thun ninja
Sounds to me like your main spec was Holy Paladin and you got greedy with the loot ...

Main Spec > Off Spec > ALT.

Your alt (warrior) for this run was last in line.

You can't be like, I want to Main Spec roll Caster gear, but I need 5 healer items and 4 tank items and 3 fury items for my other chars.

It's Main Spec > Off Spec > Alt. Always.
Its a fucking 8k Gold Item, lol xD

This Axe is shit
(04-14-2018, 11:19 PM)botiss Wrote:
(04-14-2018, 12:30 AM)Elitslayer Wrote: Name: Maliotass
Reason: Ninja

This guy had the nerve to ask me tank aq40 for him and his group. I told him before it all that I will be rolling for Paladin gear for my alt (Since my warrior doesnt really need any gear from Aq40 except some rare drops) and that if something that I can use and need on my warr drops I will need it and atleast request a roll for it. 2 hours go by and we get to C'thun, during the whole fight this guy tells me to be quiet when I am telling group where to stand and how to get eaten by mob to get down under C'thun and kill the mob so C'thun gets the weakened debuff. Before the boss drops he puts on Master looter, at like 10% HP of boss he does this. 

Well we proceed to kill C'thun and the axe Dark Edge of Insanity drops. This is a major boost compared to my two-handed weapon and I really need it since it is one of the items I specifaclly told him I would need and roll on. Well he does not say anything for like 2 minutes, under all that I tell him let us roll and I will get my paladin if I win. What does he do? He completely ignores me and all my efforts I did to help his group to kill C'thun and he loots the axe to his friend Skouik and instanly kicks me from group.  

This behaviour cannot be accepted. I spent 2 hours helping him and this is how he repays me? He has no fear of GMs or anything and thinks he can do whatever he wants because he has T3 gear. This is very saddening for our community that people like him can be let loose across the server. He should get banned and the item should atleast be deleted from his friend (Skouik)s bag. 

Thank you for your time. 

Kind Regards

dude stop cry because u can't have all what u want.
so what do u want ? Ofc u roll for holly hpal and just when c'thun down u ask to roll when the furry take all dps loots bcs he say for that.

ofc i ask you to be quiet u talk a lot for nothing bro then i ask you to quiet and calm down.

what can we see on ur screen ? U ask to roll about one loot then no way we can see ur rolling bro.
and u cry on us because we don't let you this loot.

to be honnest i just think game master can see who is a lier and who selling the true.

Btw, put screen when u ask to roll for hpal and just after c'thun u ask for roll on other spec.
You stupid person, the axe is for my Paladin not my warrior. I told you that after we killed C'thun. You are very lucky that you have not been banned and also IP banned.

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