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Hi there
My main here is a holy paladin usually running around WSG healing people named Jingleclock

Played vanilla from beta to TBC but never really raided or anything, I just enjoy PVP. I usually play Horde but I wanted to try a support role and paladins always annoyed me in PVP. Been having a ton of fun on this server so far and learned a lot about playing a paladin / healer. Thought I would drop in and say hello.
Welcome Jingletime!

Glad you're enjoying the server, and seeing another dedicated healer join the ranks is always appreciated.

See you in WSG!
have fun m8
Welcome mate, I hope you enjoy your stay on Retro-wow !!
feel free to wisper my main imwendy, brunehild or sunqx ig if you have any questions
Hey Jinlge ! Saw you in wsg last night

Hope you have fun and stick around Big Grin


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