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Populating the world via quests
With the release of the new core and so many quests working very well, perhaps you could put them to good use for max level people as its an instant 60 server; Increasing quest gold reward, depending on the type of quest and length to complete, such as lower level quests giving a bit less, but perhaps no less then 25 gold. I do realize you guys have your own quest setup already, but perhaps this could liven up the world a bit, and give us nostalgic folk something else to do to relive our fond memories. Thanks for considering.
I thought the same thing yesterday. Happy to see I'm not the only one.

 But this would take a great effort on the Devs side, and a lot of time. This can only be done by the people who have access to the server files. They would have to go into the files with a mangos editor and one-by-one change the gold value of EVERY SINGLE QUEST. I am not sure exactly how many quest there are but I'm sure there are easily over a thousand plus. While this is something I too would like to see, I think it is easier for everyone if we just stick to the current custom quest RETO-WOW has implemented. 
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In that case, I'd rather see scaled up mobs to lvl55-60. A large undertaking but you need not do everything at once.

Just start with one or two of the starting sectors (Durotar and the like). One such zone probably contains about 50 quests and 50 different kinds of mobs.

I am not very fond of vanilla quests myself but this seems more fun than the pve gold farm we currently engage in.
lets populate guru arena instead )

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