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Greetings from Germany! I'm getting into Retro. :)
Hello there,

I'm Jan from Germany and would like to greet everybody kindly on Retro. [Image: smiley.gif] Played here a few months ago trying different chars, enjoying the retro vibes - but I'm still quite new to the server and I have limited ideas of what's going on. I'll play my druid "Ecnelisd" and go for a fresh adventure. Haven't really played a nature-driven druid - also back in vanilla I rather played other classes - so I would like to give it a try now^^

So - why did I start here? Well, besides that the hype is real, I really can't spend that much time into Classic like in the old days - or - let's put it like this - do not want to spend months into a server which may suddenly shut down. The server is rocking for a few years now and the concept seems nice - and having the original feel to it. I appreciate the feeling of visiting a cozy place from time to time (where you can hide and do nasty stuff :p just kidding) with people you definitely get to know by their names. I'm looking forward to meet some of you guys - would be awesome. So - as I said, would be happy about some kind replies of yours. Maybe you also got a Whatsapp group or such where stuff is planned also "on the go"?

Wish you all a nice time - see you! Bam. Smile
Ecnelisd - 60 Druid
Welcome to the Server Ecnelis!

If you have any specific questions make a post in the appropriate sub-forum.

Hopefully I'll see you in game, good luck.
Thank you! Having some fun here pvping. Smile I'm still looking for a friendly guild with some nice people - if you or anyone else has some advice, much appreciated. Smile
Ecnelisd - 60 Druid

bei fragen kannste dich gerne ingame oder auch hier im Forum melden.
Ingame : Fluupp oder Flupp oder einfach im /World nach Flupp fragen.

Viel spaß hier

Hi guys,
Hallo Leute,

I want to start today on your server. Is there a nice guild that is active?

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