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Basic Paladin PvP Specs and Guide
I haven't seen a lot of good pallies on the server (PvP wise) and i keep getting whispers about Paladin specs so i thought i'd make a basic little starting guide.

The first thing that you should get in your head before going PvP on a Paladin is that you're a support and utility class and not a pure damage dealer. That means that you should use your abilities to support your team and focus on dealing damage as a secondary role. It doesn't matter if you are deep ret specced or reckadin or whatever, you have a plethora of supporting abilities and you should USE them. I've seen a lot of pallies capable of cleansing roots or dispelling sheep on a team mate just stand around there and do nothing.

Your Blessing of Protection should be used on Casters that are being attacked by physical damage dealers, as it will make them immune to it. It has frequently been a life saver when i use it and the casters will surely thank you for it. A lot of Paladins i've seen ingame don't make use of this amazing spell.

Your Blessing of Freedom removes all roots and slows on a target and makes the target immune to them for a short time. It should be used mainly on Warriors to allow them free reign to kill those pesky mages or priests while they can't slow or cc him. Don't hesitate to use it on yourself while being kited or on other people in need.

Your Cleanse is your most important spell in PvP as it dispells every magic,poison and disease effect except curses. You should be spamming this spell to help your team all the time. It will dispell all roots and most CC and stuns. Be sure to bind it to an easily reachable key and be sure to look out for the debuffs on your team and immediately dispell them.

Your Flash of Light and Holy Light should be used constantly when there's no main or secondary healer around. If you can heal someone then don't hesitate, and do it immediately.

You should always buff up before the start of the match, and stop using the bloody lesser blessings, just buy some Symbols of Kings and use the greater blessings. Blessing of Wisdom should be used on the Healers or Casters, Blessing of Might should be used on melee based classes and Blessing of Kings should generally be used on everyone, as it's one of the best buffs ingame. Remember to always buff people when you can, before or after a battle!

Speaking of pally specs, there are generally 4 specs that are used in PvP: The Shockadin, The Reckadin, The Holydin, and Deep Ret.

1. The Shockadin
This spec is focused on doing a huge burst of damage every 2 minutes when your cooldowns and trinkets are up. For maximum burst you should judge Seal of the Crusader on the target, followed by Divine Favor or a spell damage trinket and Holy Shock, finishing it off with a Judgement of Righteousness.  It's a spell damage based spec and Tier 2 Judgement gear is the best gear in slot for it with the 8/8 set bonus that scales with spellpower, and you can use spell damage trinkets plus the Shard of the Fallen Star. You can either use a 2 hander for more offense or slap on a shield and 1 hander for a more defensive role. The best in slot 2hander for this spec is Corrupted Ashbringer, while Wraith Blade is excellent for the 1h spec. The main seal you use with this spec is Seal of Righteousness although you can use Seal of Command with a 2handed weapon if you're more comfortable with it. If you prefer using Seal of Command, then put those 5 points from Improved Seal of Righteousness talent to the 70% reduction of knockback to Flash and Holy Light. You should mainly be using Concentration Aura with this spec.


2. The Reckadin
This is an offensive paladin spec utilizing the protection talent called Reckoning. It is similar to a shaman's windfury in that it allows you extra attacks on your next swing but it's a bit more controlable than the randomness of a shaman's windfury. Reckoning can only stack up to 4 extra attacks plus your normal 1 auto attack. The extra attacks can't trigger Seal of Command, but Seal of Righteousness has its damage applied to all those extra attacks. You gain a stack of reckoning every time you get hit by a critical strike from an enemy. This talent build also utilizes Blessing of Kings which is widely considered the best buff in Classic wow, and the improved Hammer of Justice which pairs nicely with the PvP Paladin set bonus. Personally this is my favorite spec, as there's nothing funnier than one-shotting a geared Horde filth Shaman or a Warrior. You can either use the Tier 2 gear for this spec or go for a more attack power based gear like t2.5 with naxx offpieces or the PvP set. The best in slot weapon for this spec is your choice between Might of Menethil for the HP and Str, or Corrupted Ashbringer for the proc and crit. You should mainly be using Sanctity Aura for this spec.

Remember, Your body needs Rogues and Rogue crits for this spec! So allow them to crit you and then just turn back around and oneshot them, they'll love you for it.


3. The Holydin
This is a pure healing spec with some utility for your team. You should be focusing on healing and dispelling your team. Basically play it without going in offensively much and focus on healing, but be sure to use your stun when you can to provide kill opportunities for your team. You can also help finish off a wounded foe with your Holy Shock and Hammer of Wrath. Your best gear for this spec is Tier 3 and you should be using a one-hander and a shield. The plate healing gear from AQ40 and ZG is good enough too. You should be using Concentration Aura for this spec, so your heals will be immune to knockback.


4. Deep Retribution
This is a pure offensive spec focused on getting crits with both Auto attacks, Judgements, Seal of Command and proccing Vengeance. You also have an additional CC ability called Repentance which incapacitates your target for a few seconds, and it should be used together with your Hammer of Justice to CC enemy healers so your team will have an easier time killing the enemy. Agility and Strength should be your focus here and you should be focusing mainly on Attack Power and Crit. This spec requires a lot of gear to be effective in pvp and a decent weapon like Ashkandi or Dark Edge of Insanity. Might of Menethil is the best in slot weapon for this spec. The best gear for this spec are the Naxxramas Grand Crusader Paladin offpieces, Tier 2.5 and the Grand Marshal gear. You should be using Sanctity Aura for this spec.


If played skillfully, damage specced Paladins can beat every other class. The only classes that you should naturally be having problems with are Priests and skilled Shamans.

And again, REMEMBER THAT YOU'RE A SUPPORT AND UTILITY CLASS, providing heals, dispells, buffs and utility for your team should be your priority even if you are specced in a more offensive manner.
Forgot to mention that HoF can be dispelled, so its wise to make sure your enemy is busy with other things, or you wasted a GCD with a short CD. Other than that this is a great guide to help nubs be awesome like Hagio! (Holyshet, take a look at this recknub)

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