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Easy Engineering Guide
Amounts of Materials Needed for Engineering 1 - 300 & Guide


Rough Stone:15
Coarse Stone:6
Heavy Stone:18
Solid Stone:26
Dense Stone:12


Copper Bar:12
Bronze Bar:13
Silver Bar:4
Steel Bar:4
Mithril Bar:22
Thorium Bar:36


Wool Cloth:9
Mageweave Cloth:2

Engineering Supply Vendor/Miscellaneous

Weak Flux:4
Wooden Stock:2
Bronze Framework:3

*Important:* Keep all items created unless stated otherwise. They are used later on.
Example: See step 4, 7 & 8.

1.Get materials stated above.
2.Go to Engineering Trainer and learn Engineering.
3.Make Rough Blasting Powder from 1-40. (15 Rough Stone Required) (Vendor once made)
4.Learn Handful of Copper Bolts and make them from 40-51. (2 Copper Bar Required)
5.Learn Journeyman Engineering.
6.Learn Arcanite Spanner and make from 51-56. (6 Copper Bar Required)(Used to craft items)
7.Create Copper Tube from 56-66. (4 Copper Bar, 2 Weak Flux Required)
8.Create Rough Boomstick from 66-76. (2 Copper Tube, 2 Handful of Copper Bolts, 2 Wooden Stock Required) (Vendor once made)
9.Learn and make Coarse Blasting Powder from 76-96. (6 Coarse Stone Required)(Vendor once made)
10.Learn and make Silver Contact from 96-116. (4 Silver Bar Required)
11.Learn and make Bronze Tube from 116-126. (4 Bronze Bar, 2 Weak Flux Required)
12.Learn and make Heavy Blasting Powder from 126-146. (7 Heavy Stone Required)
13.Learn and make Big Bronze Bomb from 146-156. (10 Heavy Blasting Powder, 5 Silver Contact, 12 Bronze Bar Required)
14.Make 3 Whirring Bronze Gizmo from 156-161.(6 Bronze Bar, 3 Wool Cloth Required) (Keep for step 15)
15.Make 3 Explosive Sheep from 161-176. (1 Bronze Framework, 1 Whirring Bronze Gizmo, 2 Heavy Blasting Powder, 2 Wool Cloth) (Buy Bronze Framework from Engineering Vendor)
16.Learn and make Gyromatic Micro-Adjuster from 176-181. (4 Steel Bar Required)
17.Learn and make Solid Blasting Powder from 181-196. (12 Solid Stone Required)
18.Learn and make Mithril Tube from 196-201. (3 Mithril Bars Required) (Vendor or Keep for devices)
19Learn and make Unstable Trigger from 201-211. (2 Mithril Bars, 2 Mageweave Cloth, 2 Solid Blasting Powder Required) (Keep for Step 22)
20.Learn and make Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs from 211-231. (7 Mithril Bars, 7 Solid Blasting Powder Required)(Vendor once made)
21.Make Mithril Casing from 231-241. (6 Mithril Bars Required)(Keep for Step 22)
22.Learn and make Hi-Explosive Bomb from 241-246. (2 Mithril Casing, 2 Solid Blasting Powder, 1 Unstable Trigger)(Vendor or use)
23.Learn and make Mithril Gyro-Shot from 246-251. (4 Mithril Bars, 2 Solid Blasting Powder Required)(Vendor once made)
24.Learn and make Dense Blasting Powder from 251-261. (12 Dense Stone Required)
25.Learn and make Thorium Widget from from 261-291. (18 Thorium Bars, 6 Runecloth Required)
26.Go to Everlook, closest hut on the right, by entrance, buy Thorium Tube Recipe. (1g60s Required to Purchase)
27.Learn and make Thorium Tube from 291-300. (18 Thorium Bars Required)

Congratulations, you have 300 Engineering now, have fun!

Great job mate Cool
Can raise the mining up and get the bars in less than an hour. Deadmines--->Uldaman--->Silithid Hives
awesome guide !
pls sticky for the future

greetings Flupp
nice, will use this
anyone else try this and it was off?
A little but it depends on procs when your engi skill is yellow
i think it was more than luck because it involved green procs which shouldnt be relied on.... going to make a better guide Wink (and sell kits)
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