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Alterac Valley 20v20 Suggestions
av is really something most ppl want as we are aware for several reasons (because warsongs creates way too often unbalance teams mostly because retrowow allow huge gear difference between players, increasing the chances of unbalance team a lot).

so most players have high hope for av, and i think a well though reward system should be made for av, to make sure that this quality content that will reduce a lot the unbalance of teams (because more players are in each team wich reduces the chance of unbalance compared to a 10v10 environement).
So to make sure that av is played at least at peak time, maybe we should have a smart and attractive (but not too attractive) reward system for it.

Maybe reward 50g for each tower captured for the entire team ? or 150 gold for each boss killed for the entire team ?
Why not give 100g after 30min of being in the bg if thats possible ? and another 100g after each 30min spent.
Doesnt seems like huge numbers but they definitly can make the difference in players's representation of av's attractiveness

Indeed, ab takes more time than wsg and noone q it, and av takes even more time than ab. Now av is way more attractive than ab imo but still, let's make sure the bg can proc at least 1 or 2 times an hour at peak time by increasing a little bit the rewards.

Rewarding objectives (towers destroyed, bosses killed) will also increase the challenge in av, and the overal quality.

ps: i believe objective in warsong should also be rewarded more, and reduce the reward from pvp tokens, because if more players focus their energy in objective, the quality of warsongs will directly increase

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