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Report a player - Template
When you report a player, make sure you give us the right informations about the reported player. 

Information needed: 

1. Character name:
2. Reason:
3. Proof(Screenshot, video):

1. Players are not allowed to comment on different reports, if you have something else to report or add, please open a new report and leave valid proofs inside of that new report. 
2. Only full screen screenshots will be accepted as a valid proof. Video is acceptable also. Only parts of the screenshots will not be accepted. Only full non-modified images/videos are accepted. 
3[b]. Use ignore function intended within the game /ignore (playername). This is meant for verbal harrasment if the harrasment continues even after ignore, please report in this section. [/b]

(It is really important to follow these notes, not following them will lead your thread into being closed automatically, and you could also be accused of opening a false player report)

Official Retro-WoW Rules and Regulations, please check them out
Retro-WoW (Rules and Regulations)

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