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[Guide] 15m to Honored with Argent Dawn as Alliance.
Hey guys! Shoel here. I want to post this guide on how to get get honored quickly with Argent Dawn if you are alliance.

If you have many alts, running Stratholme for 40-50mins every time you want to get your T3 might be annoying... So! If you are on an Alliance  char, you can do this way faster and solo!

All you have to do, is take the portal from Hyjal to Darnassus. Then go to the location shown on the map below (top floor). There you will find three members of the Argent Dawn. Pick up the quests "In Search of Thaelrid" and "Twilight Falls". Then you must go in Blackfathom Deeps (i usually fly from Darnassus to Ashenvale and then run from there), find Thaelrid, complete the first quest, pick up the next one from him ("Blackfathom Villainy") and then run to the end (loot Twilight Pendants from the mobs before Kaelris) and kill Twilight Lord Kelris (loot his head (!!!)). Then go back to Darnassus and turn in the two quests.

Congratulations! Now you are honored with the Argent Dawn! :)

Location of Darnassus NPCs:
Awesome guide, anything similar for Horde?
Shit why is this only for alliance? But very nice guide! Smile
There are 2 neutral quests for both Alliance and Horde that give a good helping of Rep, given by Azore Aldamort on the northwest coast of Desolace. "Book of the Ancients" and "Sceptre of Light" + a couple item turn-ins at Light's Hope Chapel will give Honored quick and easy.
Yes you should still get the rep values at Revered.
I have done it a number of times, and I do recall that happening once. Dont remember how I fixed :/ Maybe abandon and redo? Not 100%

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