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(SOLUTION) Hyjal Mall Bug
(sorry for my bad english)
Hi admins. My problem and on my friends is wow.exe .
When we login in game we dont see vendors,ppls or anythings ...
WE try : 3 times delete game and reinstal ( download from retrowow webside)
27 times delete WTB ( cache)
13 times restart PC/internet
1 time preinstall PC
When have luck i login in game but is 15% shans  from 20 logs in game 2 times i can see all and play ...
End this is from 2 weekends ... i
Hello Siak,

The visual issue in the Mall is caused by a large amount of players in that area you are logging into.
It can be solved by either making a ticket in-game with your character name(s) and we can port you out, or you can run out of the mall area (such as to outside where people like to duel) and Alt-F4 then relog.


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