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Addons for pvp players
Did you ever want to see your player model, party, and targets as a full 3d model instead of a portrait/alongside a portrait?

This allows you to get a general overview of your enemies gear just by targeting them and looking over their player model, useful for players who don't use health values or who use percents to guesstimate their enemies HP because plebs be plebs yo

Try out ZuxanaModelCitizen! [Image: Hfa7NmH.jpg]

Fully customizable.
DruidBar: Allow you to see your mana even in cat/bear/travel form
BGflag : You can see the ennemy and friendly flag carrier name, and if you click on the name it will target that player. Very usefull if you want to see if your ennemy flag carrier is near you or not
better version fo druidbar, you can change the color of the mana bar and other small features
Buff and debuff timer :
GFW Feed o matic : allow you to bind a hotkey to make your pet eat, no need to drag food to him/her all the time anymore, pretty cool :

direct link :
Very very op maccro:

Allow you to increase your tab range to 50 range: /console targetNearestDistance 50
Nice thread! Any addon that displays diminushing returns CDs ?
necb shoes the dr in the options i reckon

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