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Retri pala question
Hi all guys what i would like to sk the veterans of retro wow is if retri pala are viable?
Since everything is moded into 5man and we can get our hands(via gold)all these shimy gear
we could ever imagine are now retri palas a viable dps to raid?
Or still stick the standard dds like rouges furies huntards mages lock and we must be holy or get the fack of retnoob?

Thank you in regard

Sorry for my bad english im really trying
I would gladly take a geared and knowledgeable Ret pala over a hunter or fury any day.
With the right gear, buffs, and rotation ret's can easily clear 1k+ DPS.
The best thing about them is they are extremely consistent especially on tank and spanks.
You basically get a free 80dps from R1 Consecrate so if you have to move during fights like Heigan you're gunna lose a fair bit but still totally viable.
Piston is right , when i still had missing some items until bis gear , and missing alot of consumables i did 580dps on patch , on top of that group were really happy about my additional buffs for group another Blessing of protection , fear on undead , great AOE tanking at noth , spider wing beggining and near faerlina. But hardest part for me was to get in group Big Grin i came with my less geared furry warrior , and after wiping on patch , i said guys just trust me... Big Grin
Edit: As i was kinda afk from wow whole year , and that happened in my random log in . Now i am back to retro , gonna try to join some naxx group and report news how I am doing with Bis gear.
Thank you very much for responce sir.Was a pleasure reading these cause i main a pala since 2005
always retri but at nilla i only did pvp no raids for me :/
Thank god tbc came and made things a little better till wotlk changed our lifes for ever.
Now due to familly i cant keep up with retail(played till WoD) but id love to see the pve contend at nilla.
Thank you again

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