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As to my previous thread

Rule 10) Account Sharing
  • Warning first, if the account sharing continues it will lead to 24h/permanent ban.

  •     I WAS NOT WARNED AT ALL, and a permanent ban instead of 24 hours for a first offence, Ontop of that, the owner GAVE ME it, as he moved to the server which we do not name... so i'm the owner of both
It's awful fishy how row had me banned within 5 minutes when I try to find a gm it takes a while usually, possibly a coincidence but from how it looks going straight to perma ban with no warning at all? seems you two may know each other in real life or social media and I really hope this isn't affecting your judgement.

I look forward to your reply.

Sincerely three.
RetroWoW Rules
We reserve the right to change or alter these rules at any time.
We do not have to give warning before we take action with the following rules.
We do this by enforcing the following rules and regulations:
You will be unbanned this time, and the borrowed account will remain banned.
The next violation will result in a permanent punishment.

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