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Reckless Charge
Description: Incapacitate effect on spell Reckless Charge ID 22641 on item Goblin Rocket Helm not being removed by warrior spell Berserker Rage ID 18499 “The warrior enters a berserker rage, becoming immune to Fear and Incapacitate effects and generating extra rage when taking damage. Lasts 10 sec.”

Current Behavior: You may activate Berserker Rage while under the effect of Reckless Charge, but it does not remove the effect, and player remains incapacitated.

Expected: Berserker Rage should remove the incapacitate effect.

Reproduction: Use item Goblin Rocket Helm or cast 22641 on warrior in Berserker Stance, who will then activate Berserker Rage.

Other Info: Zerk Rage removes Sap/Gouge/Repentance fine, issue is Reckless Charge spell.
Yep hope it get fixed

Good report 10/10 +1
yes this is how it worked on other big servers.

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