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Enhancement PvP: Of Totem Mules and Windfury Warlords
Another totem mule, huh? Well, this is your time to learn the ways of Windfury. I can't guarantee this guide will be the very best version out there, or the most detailed. It simply covers my view on the Enhancement spec and how I approach playing this complex class. In the guide, I will adress a few key factors that make up the core of my style of playing. I aim to cover all facets that make a shaman, not just the "me roar me smash whooosh" type of play. Although undeniably the spell that elevated the spec to glory, Windfury alone will not win you duels or games on its own. There needs to be a decent balance between mobility, utility and timing your powerful strikes. 

Let me make this abundantly clear before we continue discussing the guide. Enhancement looks clunky, plain and extremely lineair at first sight, but to master the spec and truly exhilarate you must get into the right mindset. If you're a beginner, this is crucial, yet as an experienced shaman or even a veteran player you can benefit from lowering your expectations and start building from the ground up. Shaman has a high skill-cap, in my opinion, and it would do you well to always work on your basics. Don't expect to rush in like a crazy beserker and obliterate all in your path. Instead, aim to embrace your role as a hybrid and try to understand each and every possible (combination of) match-ups, class mechanics etc. 

Yeah, that's right. Totems are your basics. These wee buggers are the bread and butter which define your class. Properly placing them at the right moment, mostly preemptively, will raise your level of utility to hights unknown. In order to do so, you must have solid knowledge on what role your totems can play in Player versus Player scenario's.

Earthbind Totem
Low-cost earth totem which slows targets by 50%. Most commonly used to slow targets when running them down or when trying to escape from an enemy.  Also breaks stealth/puts target into combat on first pulse (if I recall correctly)!

Stoneclaw Totem
This wee guy bravely taunts rogues and druids out of stealth within close range . Very useful when you know a rogue or druid is moving up on you. Just like Earthbind, Stoneclaw will guarantee a fair fight. Like Searing Totem, it forces an enemy into combat, so also useful against hunters if they pull a Feign Death.

Tremor Totem
He shakes the very ground you tread upon! If you know you're facing a warlock, priest or even a warrior, this fellow will make sure those pesky fears, charms and sleeps are gone forever!

Magma Totem
Effectively pulls rogues and druids out of stealth with every fiery pulse. Combined with Earthbind or Stoneclaw, you have even more safety around you!

Searing Totem
Our little nibbler eats away at your foes with little balls of fire. Effective when trying to cancel a warrior's charge, simply kite the warrior away and poof, the Searing Totem puts him in combat. Also highly effective in match-ups where your opponent would want to CC you and opt for a quick bandage, or if a hunter pulls out a Feign Death to get out of combat and lay down a Freezing Trap. Next to breaking bandage casts, it also does a tiny push-back on enemy casters!

Fire Nova Totem
If specced right, you can make Fire Nova Totem worth while. Though very mana-costly, it can provide a nice chunk of burst on the spot, hence my recommendation that you spec into the talent.

Frost Resistance Totem
I understand the confusion, but Frost Resistance Totem has its uses in Player versus Player. Provides some resistance for your teammates in situations where you're facing off against frost mages and hunters with Freezing Trap. Just gives them (and yourself if Grounding is on cd) a chance to either resist the trap/spell or break the Freezing Trap (since Freezing Trap works with a "Resist Pulse", meaning with each pulse a cc'd target has a chance to break the block based on your resist stats).  
Poison Cleanse Totem
Highly effective in situations where you or party members face off against rogues or hunters. Removes a poison effect off a target each 3 seconds, which disables stings and blinds. Be sure to look out for your Poison Cleanse, if they remove it they'll probably try to apply a new poison, so make sure to chuck it down again if so. 

Grounding Totem
The big daddy himself. Grounding Totem is so damn useful in many match-ups. This guy redirects spells, fears, silences, roots and even eats Freezing Traps for breakfast. When facing casters, it can break them in combination with well-timed Earth Shocks.

Windfury Totem
If Grounding Totem is the big daddy, this one would be the tough momma. It is the wet dream of your melee teammates. Make sure she is firmly planted in group engagements, it makes your melee teammates shine like never before!

These imbues do need a little bit of highlighting, because Enhancement Shamans don't brainlessly opt for Windfury Weapon 100% of the time. Let me elaborate.

Windfury Weapon
At the core of your spec lies the great Windfury Weapon, the weapon imbue which single-handedly made Grunts into High Warlords. No need to explain. 

Flametongue Weapon
This weapon imbue is very important, and needs som explaining. Your two-hander is practically useless when facing other (hybrid-)melee classes, and in those cases you will swap out for a fast one-hander and a shield. You'll be fast, furious, fiery and take less damage as a side bonus. More effective than hitting a warrior with a big stick. 

Frostbrand Weapon
As much as I'd love Frostbrand to be more effective than it is in vanilla, it does come in handy now and then. Applying a slow when procced with some additional frost damage, it could be a life-saver when trying to escape pursuing enemies. 

4.1 Shocks
Quick summary of your arsenal of shocks. Earth Shock is the perfect counter for casters, since it locks out a school and interupts a spell if you cast it during the enemies cast. Frost Shock is the go-to gap closer, slowing your target as you run up at them. Also useful when escaping pursuing enemies. Flame Shock applies a DoT, which has many uses. It breaks a rogue's stunlock rotation, it provides a small pushback on casters, it is highly effective against targets with high armor value (since Flame Shock negates armor).

4.2 Frequently Used Spells
Since there is no real set rotation for Enhancement Shamans, we swing between certain frequently used spells when not chucking down totems. 

Stormstrike is our main offensive attack, providing an extra attack whilst also inflicting a debuff on the enemy which allows 20% damage increase on the next two Nature-based attacks. Lightning Shield is a buff which you would ideally like to have 100% uptime during Player versus Player. Helps you win match-ups as it inflicts damage against hitting enemies. Purge is our Lord and Savior, it removes 2 beneficial magic effects from an enemy. Before even unleashing attacks on your target, be sure to Purge them thoroughly, so they stand very little chance at surviving. Can also put targets in combat (has longer range than Charge, so disables a warrior charging at you before he is in range to do so)! Chain Lightning or Lightning Bolt can be very useful when finishing off a target or bringing enemies into combat, but watch your mana carefully. Ghost Wolf is useful in many ways. Easily closes gaps, provides a speedy escape, disables Seduce from warlocks and also prevents rogues from sapping you!

4.3 Lesser Used Spells 
I'll keep it brief, since these are quite self -explanatory in my opinion. Lesser Healing Wave is the heal of choice. Fast, huge healing stats. A great choice when between a rock and a hard place. Chain Heal is nice when support is needed for your group, only do so if all targets are within close range of eachother. Cure Poison is very handy when facing hunters or rogues. Helps kite rogues and removes Viper Sting, saving your own mana pool. 

A picture of the talent tree will come another time, hopefully. For now, I'll leave this link up:

Enhancement Tree
- 5% mana pool increase
- 2 second reduce on Grounding cooldown
- 5% Melee Crit increase
- 2 second off Ghost Wolf cast
- 15% damage increase on Lightning Shield 
- 30% Attack Speed increase on next 3 strikes after a Crit
- 40% increased Windfury effect + 15% damage increase on Flametongue/Frostbrand
- 10% damage increase with all weapons

- 10% mana reduce on Shocks, Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning
- 10% resist on Nature, Frost and Fire damage
- 50% health increase on Stoneclaw + 20% radius increase on Earthbind
- 1 second reduce on Shock cooldowns
- Clearcasting (100% free damage spell, 10% proc after a Nature, Fire or Frost spell)
- 2 second reduce on Fire Nova delay

Provides a nice spread of talent choices, with longer range on earth totems, decreases delay for Fire Nova, improved cooldown for Grounding, Clearcasting, improved base resists, reduced mana cost on shocks and spells, bigger mana pool, quicker Ghost Wolf and core support for melee combat. 

This is my current wishlist for BiS Enhancement PvP, including the enchants. Keep in mind, it is still a work in progress, and I do think there's always room for improvements!

Head Warlord's Mail Helm (+15 int/+13 sp)
Neck Stormrage's Talisman of Seething
Shoulder Pauldrons of Elemental Fury (+26 ap/+1% crit) 
Back Cloak of the Necropolis (+5 all resist) 
Chest Warlord's Mail Armor (+4 all stats)
Wrist Qiraji Execution Bracers (+9 stam) 
Hands General's Mail Gauntlets (+15 agi)
Waist Ossirian's Binding 
Legs Leggings of Elemental Fury (+15 int/+13 sp)
Feet General's Mail Boots (+8% speed)
Finger 1 Seal of the Damned 
Finger 2 Band of Unnatural Forces 
Trinket 1 -open utility trinket (think Insignia)
Trinket 2 Drake Fang Talisman 
Relic Totem of Rage

Two-Hander Might of Menethil (+Crusader)
One-Hander Kingsfall (+Weapon Chain)
Shield The Plague Bearer (+7 stamina)

The open trinket slot is purely personal preference. I'd suggest looking for PvP Utility items that you could benefit from in certain match-ups. Slayer's Crest when you want that lovely burst potential, Shadow Reflector when facing pesky warlocks and priests, Tidal Charm for a short stun, etc. etc.

Edit: As prompted in the comments, it seems like my research into a BiS list for Enhancement Shaman was... lacking. Shout-out to Vinkelsliper for his suggestions. My stat spread now includes the melee 5% hit cap, but sadly not the 4% spell hit cap (it now rests at 3% spell hit, effectively giving me 99% chance to hit an even leveled enemy). I'll include a full stat spread of my character once I've collected all the BiS gear.

I've been working on the following few macros. Bear in mind, I don't have a lot of time to play (ergo not a lot of time to playtest them). All macros are done through Super Macro.

Self Target Heal without losing Enemy Target
/script TargetUnit("Player")
/cast Lesser Healing Wave
/script TargetLastEnemy();

Self heals without losing your target. Pretty self-explanatory

Top/Bottom Rank Spell Macro
/script if ((UnitMana("Player")>mana cost top rank spell) or (buffed("Clearcasting")=="buff"))then cast ("Spell"); else cast ("Spell(Rank 1)");end

This macro helps you remove unnecessary clutter on your bars. No seperate rank 1 Frost Shock for slows, no seperate rank 1 Earth Shock to interrupt casts, etc. etc. Can also be slotted in on your self heal macro to ensure atleast a heal goes off. 

Stop Casting for Earth Shock interrupt
/script SpellStopCasting()

Slot this one in on your Earth Shock macro to interrupt a fake heal or fake lightning bolt IF you're casting. Just ensures your interrupt goes off.

Weapon Swap to Shield + One Hander
/equip Name One Hander
/equip Name Shield
/cast Flametongue Weapon (Rank 6)

I get nervous, sorry! Built it to withstand spam (so you don't swap back to your two hander again), auto-applies Flametongue.

-More Macros will follow once I discover them, you can leave extra suggestions down in the comment section. Currently working on Engineering Macros, in which you maybe pull off a Purge before stop attack command and Goblin Rocket Helmet your enemy-

[1] A big "How did I not see that?!" moment, Claw of the Frost Wyrm is an off-hander, not a main! Replaced with Kingsfall, thanks for pointing that one out Blazeretrowow! Also slotted in another section on stat spread and why/how I go for that specific stat spread.
[2] Updated the Macro section and the Talent section. Will work on a Keybind Section in the future...? Who knows? Might be helpful to share and give people a 'feel' how I use my binds, though I do think Keybinds are something you personalize.
It's nice of you to share your passion for your class, i'm sure it will be helpfull to a lot of players
neat guide! ive been wanting to try this out now maybe i will!

+1 to you sir
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
[Image: ks9xXfy.jpg]
also in case you didnt know, in testing freezing trap against a full frost resist tank, frost resist does NOT factor into your chance to resist the trap.

addition: we only tested the actual activation of the trap, so the resist break factor might still be relevant:
also im fairly certain this is server specific
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
[Image: ks9xXfy.jpg]
Your aware that ur left with 2% melee hit and 1% spellhit on your gear?

If you replace quick strike ring with seal of the damned and you're cloak with cloak of the devoured you would get spellhit cap. Also for melee you could take out Girdle of elemental fury for Ossirians binding and either drakefang talisman or Boots of the shadowflame. Id also take something with stamina instead of band of unnatural forces, more like a yolo ring.
Claw of the Frost Wyrm
Binds when picked up
Off Hand

Surely an MSA is better and the proc MAY be impacted by Stormstrike.
Hi please explain why kingsfall in sword and board thx
(02-01-2017, 11:59 AM)hwl Wrote: Hi please explain why kingsfall in sword and board thx

MSA (Misplaced Servo Arm) was suggested earlier, which has a nice proc but further no stats. It's DPS stands at 65.4. Kingsfall brings +16 agility and +1% crit, a DPS of 72.1 and the higher speed also results in more Flametongue attacks than a MSA would bring to the table. My thinking resulted in giving Kingsfall a higher value than, say, an MSA. 

But of course, that's all up for debate! The BiS list is a work in progress, so if a better alternative is given/suggested, I'm happy to adjust the list.
(02-01-2017, 03:32 PM)Snowhoof Wrote:
(02-01-2017, 11:59 AM)hwl Wrote: Hi please explain why kingsfall in sword and board thx

MSA (Misplaced Servo Arm) was suggested earlier, which has a nice proc but further no stats. It's DPS stands at 65.4. Kingsfall brings +16 agility and +1% crit, a DPS of 72.1 and the higher speed also results in more Flametongue attacks than a MSA would bring to the table. My thinking resulted in giving Kingsfall a higher value than, say, an MSA. 

But of course, that's all up for debate! The BiS list is a work in progress, so if a better alternative is given/suggested, I'm happy to adjust the list.

Ah for flametongue, maybe when WF use msa for burst or Castigator (depends maybe on gear comb to min/max crit/hit etc).. If WF imo use slow weap for more dmg
Quick question, I've been wanting to play enhance but it seems like their damage output isn't all that high.  Fully geared, what's your white/crit damage?

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