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Rules & Regulations
RetroWoW Rules
We reserve the right to change or alter these rules at any time. 
We do not have to give warning before we take action with the following rules
We do this by enforcing the following rules and regulations:

Minor offensives:
Rule 1) Spamming world chat.
Rule 2) Talking on the world chat with coloured text is not allowed.
Rule 3) Talking in another language other than English in public chats (world chat, LFG chat, Guild recruitment channel chat etc).
Rule 4) Character or guild name is inappropriate: Compulsory rename; the name change will be free.
Rule 5) Inappropriate and controversial content.
Rule 6) The use of inappropriate and offensive language in general, or against another player is not allowed

Rule 7) PvP in Hyjal Mall, Can be dealt with a more severe punishment if repetitively done.
Punishments on Minor offensives is warning, mute, kick or ban, depending on the situation.

Major offensives: 

Rule 8) Multibox:
Our definition of multiboxing includes any plural of characters being controlled through third party software and/or logging in with multiple accounts.
Exceptional: You are only allowed to login at the mall with multiple accounts to use buffs, trade materials, gold, items, bank and proffessions between your own characters.
  • 48 hours or permanent.
Rule 9) Insulting or harassing another player this includes all kind of insults
  • 12, 24, 48 or 72 hours depends on situation.
Rule 10) Account Sharing
  • Warning first, if the account sharing continues it will lead to 24h/permanent ban.
Rule 11) Using any kind of bugs, exploits or abusing the terrain
  • 48 hours or permanent.
Rule 12) Using multiple accounts to farm PvP tokens 
  • 48 hours or permanent on all involved accounts.
Rule 13) Hacking: The use of any kind of third party software, and any kind of hacking
  • 72 hours or permanent.
Rule 14) AFK Farming Battlegrounds
  • 48 hours or permanent.
Rule 15) Abuse of the ingame mail system
  • 48 or 72 hours.
Rule 16) Gambling or casinos
  • 24 hours.
Rule 17) Donor bashing
  • 48 hours or permanent.
Rule 18) Vote Shop Abuse: Voting with multiple accounts to gain adventage of the store.
  • Permanent account ban.
Rule 19) Alt Farming (Gurubashi arena, PvP Tokens)
  • Permanent account ban.
Rule 20) Insulting the server or staff
  • Permanent account ban.
Rule 21) Selling or trading your account 
  • Permanent ip and account ban.
Rule 22) Taking the identity of a gamemaster
  • Permanent ip and account ban.
Rule 23)  Advertising another server (Discussing about other servers in global channels will be also considered as advertising)
  • Permanent ip and account ban.
Rule 24)  Threats towards the server or staff
  • Permanent ip and account ban.
Rule 25)  Any abuse towards the Vote/Donation system
  • Permanent ip and account ban.
Rule 26)  Selling/Giveaway a Bind on Pickup ("BoP") Items (loot from a boss/elite) to a player which wasn't in the group/raid when the loot was dropped.
  • 48 hours or permanent.
Rule 27) Selling or buying gold/items for real life currencies or exchanging them for Donation Points outside the official RetroWoW website. Selling or buying a character. 
  • Permanent ip and account ban.
Rule 28) Wintrading (Deliberately surrender of the battleground, disclosing the location of teammates )
  • 12, 24, 48 hours or permanent.
Rule 29) Fake reports (Reporting a player with a fake screenshot, offending or reporting player for no reason, abusing ticket system)
  • 24, 48 hours or permanent.

Rule 27 has been updated

Selling gold/items for real life currencies or exchanging them for Donation Points.
Permanent ip and account ban.

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