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Farming spots
/script ResetInstances() followed by a relog will reset your instance and port you to the instance entrance. This script can only be used inside an instance when you're ungrouped.

Deviate: the lake outside of WC has 2 nodes and a ~30% rate for open water fishing
Firefin: Desolace, follow the coast south of the horde flightpath
Blackmouth: Darkshore, or follow the coast north of Menethil Harbor; for horde, northern coast of STV
Stonescale: Azshara
Sagefish: river near Nesingwary in STV
Nightfin and squid: southern Azshara
Leveling fishing: Fish for a bit in any starting zone, then start catching useful fish.
Note: Druids make very good fishing alts, Moonglade is terrific for fishing. Alliance have an easier time with Blackmouths, horde have an easier time with Firefin.

Dreamfoil: Felwood, EPL
Gromsblood: Felwood
Plaguebloom: Felwood, EPL
MSS: Un'goro, there's nodes in Felwood to get while you farm other herbs, but not too many
Firebloom: Tanaris or Blasted
Swiftthistle: similar to farming iron in Ulda, continually reset RFK for a node near the entrance
Ghost mushrooms: Skulk Rock in central Hinterlands
Leveling herb: Elwynn/Durotar, to Westfall/Barrens, to Stranglekelp in Darkshore or near Ratchet, to Arathi, to Swamp, to Tanaris, to Felwood

Thorium / gems: Silithus hives, the one in north-central Silithus just north of Cenarion Hold is best
Iron: Uldaman, continually reset the instance, there's a node close to the entrance
Elemental earth: Badlands, elementals near the horde fp
Volatile rum: pirates in Tanaris
Leveling mining: Elwynn/Durotar, to Deadmines, to Uldaman, to Silithus

Eternals / dust: DM north
Nether: DMF vendor
Small radiants: SM cath
Fire: MC raid port
Earth: one MC run will get you plenty, otherwise earth type elementals in Silithus near Thunderaan
Air: Silithus, near Thunderaan
Water: lake in Winterspring
Living: DM west
Undeath: EPL near the Strat living entrance
Golden pearls: cave of murlocs in southeastern Swamp

PVP tokens: eroof

Let me know if I missed a reagent
(04-23-2017, 11:21 PM)calder Wrote: PVP tokens: eroof

[Image: SZSbk12.jpg]
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Very useful.
(04-24-2017, 12:47 AM)Ipolylol Wrote:
(04-23-2017, 11:21 PM)calder Wrote: PVP tokens: eroof


I would say EGY is better

The script has to be used outside the instance you mean? You can't reset from inside.

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