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Yes please
70 percent of content is PvP right?
40 percent complaining about premades
30 percent complaining about gear
Others  enjoy (especially blessing of  freedom warriors) killing d1-s
How to solve this PvP drama you ask (or maybe u don't because u're a normie) ?
I think I made this kind of post before, but you should release pure PvP server with only rank 10 gear and pre bis offsets.
BUT, without shutting Retro-wow original server down.
This will be so called "test of skill" server, with gear balance.
I'm sick and tired of seeing same comments, "Omg  premade with t3 gear."
Well personally I don't give a crap for battlegrounds, because I only duel.
But this is for the sake of PvP-ers.
I also saw a video of Clift (Sunqt) posting a video  about him 2 shotting d1-s in bgs , which is techincally unbalanced (sry Sun, had to roast u a lil there but I still love u, no touching intended).
I'm well aware that it's easy to just gear up in raids and  do battlegrounds, but the real question is, why should a player WHO PLAYED PVP CONTENT FOR 10 YEARS,  be forced to play another content  just for gear?
I was  never a GAMEMASTER, but I think It is not that hard just to remove couple of shops and add Rank 10 gear for each class. Not many changes need to be made, just to add this gear and everyone is gucci.
Not only would this idea make  things more balanced, but it will ALSO prevent Normies from complaining about gear, and it will show the real skillcap of players.
Take in consideration that this is not for my own selfish reasons, If I was like that I'd just continue dueling and killing everything in my path, but this is for the sake of server!
Only problem might be is the fact that players won't have t3. But tbh, better question is, why is that even a problem? Get yo fkn skill straight with less gear!
There is one last thing I forgot to mention. Ofc, we are all humans and I understand that Gamemasters are earning real life money out of Retro-WoW.
Part of these donations are gear and legendary weapons in general. If you could just add some other reason for donation (we already have faction change, race change, gender, etc...) , then this idea would suit everybody. I'd say something custom such as mounts, transmog or anything that isn't so game changing.
Also, duel mode being free would be cool for the people who enjoy dueling.
+111111111 really cool suggestion
+1 Sure you may need to change a few things in you're suggestion, but overall i support it and think it's a good idea. A server made for competitive PvP while keeping it balanced gear wise sounds like a gogo.
+1 really good
+1 kek
I killed that d1 in a 4v1 fights, that makes it oke, also huge +1 to that but low expectation it will happen
hi im uts
I think someone else posted something close to this and it got declined not sure though

Lets keep hoping
This is for the sake of PvP and Balance!
Hello, everyone!

Regarding the topic of opening another server; unfortunately this is not something the team has any intentions of doing at this time and for the near future.


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