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Retro WoW Movie.
Retro Mafia: Rise of the Crime
Prisom: the Dad
Agatha: Mom
Madscientist: Angry older brother
Ipolylol: Younger autistic brother who watches porn
Gnawbone: Local friendly fishermen
Utslettelsen: Autistic kebeb seller who repeats same words :" hi men im uts, selling kebeb with enen rengs and seled".
Sunqt: The villian , Rapist and the murderer (in part 1)
Leministre: Sunqt's angry Genius father
Mcgankiston: local Irish whore
Mort: Ipoly's bodyguard
Lomiz: Jailer with scars on his wrists
Felter: the executioner
Pearla: The villian, Godfather and the leader or <Pearla and Friends>  Mafia ( in part 2)
Juanito: El chapo
Grunion: El Gringo
Aladdin: Rich Arabian Bombarder
Sampula: Aladdin's son
Bloog: The villian, Sunqt's step son who wants revenge of his "father" (in part 3)
Kyrkpappi: Priest in the church (Utslettelsen's best friend) who can't spell "come pls" , says "cum pld" instead.
Samrogue: Hidden Romanian Gypsy who steals Utslettelsen's kebebs.
Sdevil: Madscientist's buttbuddy who goes to the gym with him.
Colex: Bodybuilder that gets all the puxxy.
Shapeshiftez: Casual hippy who tries to spread the love.
Vizionistih: Drunk  rebelious guy.
Freebandz: Positive Mexican-mustache guy
Salazir: 30 y old guy who still thinks he is in his teenage years and makes local memes.
Ossirian: Local midget that can kick your ass.
Np: Ipolylol's best friend.
Krixx: Angry guy that carries baseball bat in his hands and smashes gypsies
Gozu: hidden mafia member, full time money maker $$$
Midorimidori: Madscientist's friend who helps him kick ass
Arcosa: Sneaky guy that steals Purse's
Exomist: Guy who watches over cows, some form of a cowboy lover.
Ocean: angry Russian that will beat yo ass
Yolamz: Autistic Russian that makes fun of you for absolutely nothing
Panzerssj: Local drug dealer. Also a cool kid.
Sinijara: The "Bro" of everyone.
Jungleboogie: the researcher/stalker of the situation.
Koryo: The Local friendly helper.
Felty: Guy who litreally wields a 2 handed axe and kills mafia members.
Zeji: Highschool bully and a Metalhead
Angryalways: French Frog eater
(08-18-2017, 01:54 AM)Madscientist Wrote: Characters:
Ipolylol: Younger autistic brother who watches porn
Mort: Ipoly's bodyguard
Np: Ipolylol's best friend.
I'm important? wat fak
[Image: SZSbk12.jpg]
You're the autistic brother that needs care, duh.
- Love each other ! God is inside all of us ! Love ...
An old man in the street was yelling this, his name was Shapeshitez.
And not so far from that crowd and that man yelling, 2 men were drinking in a coffee shop. One had a black coffee, it was Ocean, the other named Koryo had a cup of tea.
Ocean- So guess what is the first thind I did ?
Koryo- You tell me ...
-I took his head and smash it into... Wtf is that noise ?
-I have no idea, maybe you should take a look, said Koyrio that didn't want his childhood friend to tell him another violent tale. He just wanted to drink his cup of tea. In peace.

Ocean stepped outside the pink coffee shop and joined the crowed in this heated summer. Angry at whoever was disrupting his moment with his friend. He had one moment of peace in his life where he could talk freely, and that was with his friend Koryio. And now ... And now some crazy lunatic was yelling in the street without any respect for him?
Shapeshiftez- If you believe in God, God will believe in you! Become who you are or you won't...
Now Ocean had his ennemy in sight, took a deep breath to calm himself and walked into him.
Ocean- Listen to me you fagget, you are going to shut your mouth. I'm asking you nicely, k ? said Ocean wispering to the ear's man.
Shapeshiftez looked at him in the eyes during 10s.
Then kept his walk in circle as if nothing had happened at all: "Be your own you to fulfill your destiny because no one else will or you ! Love your neighbour even if he mouseclick !"
Ocean tried. You can't say he didn't. He listened to Koryo, yes he did ! for once the first thing he did was being nice and turn his anger into positive feelings. That's what Koryo always says : "Why you have to be mad, it's only ...". Well bullshit. THAT WAS BULLSHIT. People simply don't, they just don't gaf about you if you are nice; THEY JUST DON'T.
Ocean rushed into the old man and tried to punch him with his fist in his old face. And god knows his fists can remove any head from any man.
At that moment, Shapeshiftez at the last moment countered it with only a short circular movement. Looked at him for 3 good seconds in the eyes, then kept his walk: "Do not yield to anger as it leads to the dark side !"
Now Ocean was really mad. He will not go anywhere until this man was dead, no matter how long it would take.
But suddenly, everything became flurry, then nothing. Total blackness.
Koryo behind him had knocked him out.
Koryo- I'm sorry friend, but sometimes that's the only way I have to stop you.
Koryo walked to Shapeshiftez and respectfully apologized for his friend's behaviour, then left.
On his way back to the hotel with Ocean on his back, he was thinking about that old man yelling earlier. His control of martial art and his speed was quite perturbing.
[Image: tenor.gif]
[Image: 7e7158c559648af92b00b4de425a4b2f.jpg]
that's just the first episode, it will make more sense later
I'd like to point out that sunqt's unibrow comes from his mother's side.
(08-18-2017, 08:46 PM)LeMinistre Wrote: I'd like to point out that sunqt's unibrow comes from his mother's side.

(08-18-2017, 08:46 PM)LeMinistre Wrote: I'd like to point out that sunqt's unibrow comes from his mother's side.

[Image: SZSbk12.jpg]
in the next episode, ipolylol and mad are 2 sisters living in a quiet suburb, are in love with a 30y old dad living across the street named leministre (he had fine eyebrows).  These sisters will do anything to seduce him !
the only problem is leministre's wife (she had a unibrown). Very jealous, and dangerous; she is capable of anything to keep her husband for herself
Will the twins sisters succeed in stealing leministre from her?

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