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Libram of Fervor
Does Libram of Fervor exist in this server?  been farming for two days in Dire maul and haven't seen it drop.  if it does, I'll keep farming...   Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
No staff removed this item long time ago.
(09-06-2017, 01:11 PM)gullemzz Wrote: No staff removed this item long time ago.

Awww...  Why would they do that?  Thanks for the info, I would have been farming it for days, the trip to DM is not entirely useless though.
Totem of the Storm just dropped for me.  Which I think is the equivalent of this relic for Shamans, so how come this libram is not available?    Dodgy
SoC (seal of command)- scales with something like 50% of weapon damage instead of 70%.

Libram of Fervor- Not available.

Those 2 things simply make ret useless, that's why nobody plays ret anymore.
50% scaling instead of 70% is a real shame. You can just remove the ret tree at this point.

And yea, why we don't have access to Libram of fervor I have no idea

On the new core the 70% scaling with weapon damage is fixed so I guess we have to wait for it, and regarding Libram of fervor I hope they'll add it. If there is one spec that needs all the gear available in vanilla it's ret.
Mages, rogues, war, locks... All these classes have access to all the gear they want and they are clearly the most op classes in vanilla. I don't see any reason for rets not to have the gear they actually need. Especially when they have one huge negative bug like soc weapon damage scaling. But even when soc will be fix by the new core, ret will need libram of fervor
Libram was removed because of a bug that made it OP.
(09-11-2017, 07:37 PM)vlincent Wrote: Libram was removed because of a bug that made it OP.

Walenkryx thank you for chiming in.  if Libram of Fervor was op, then shouldn't that offset the nerf that SoC have?
Na i want soc fixd lol
(09-12-2017, 06:01 PM)walenkryx Wrote: Na i want soc fixd lol

I want that too and the Libram...   Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Yeah pointless to play ret/reck anymore.

Running around with bis weapon and bis gear hitting SoC's for 350 lol.

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