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OFFICIAL: Retro WoW Warsong Gulch pre vs pre thread
Hey I'm signing Mcgankinston up as well, he's currently having issues making a forum account.

Character Name: Mcgankinston
Class: Rogue
Gear: BiS
WSG Exp: WSG Whore
Time Availability: On almost every night US times
(10-01-2017, 12:53 AM)Sailazire Wrote:
(09-30-2017, 09:30 PM)Krixx Wrote: Character Name: Krixx
Class: literally everything x2
Gear: mostly bis on everything
WSG Experience: "who invites ret pallies to premades?"
Time Available: weekends and midnight hours

shut up krixx ret pala nub boy

lomiz naked > krixx full gear

jk fuk ya

Hey premade vs premade when is the next one taking place?
If you guys need an ele shammy i would love to join. Expect full consumables,flasks,eng rdy

Character Name: Dswol
Class: EleShaman
Gear: Near-Bis
WSG Exp: We've been dating for a few years
Time available - Sat/Sunday, some or most weekday nights
Which team won? :pPPP :p TonguePppPp
Never happened, not enough interest but nevermind!
[Image: 7e7158c559648af92b00b4de425a4b2f.jpg]
Character name : Daedratic
class : Rogue
Warsong experience : More than anyone on serv
Gear: Bis everything
Time avaliable: Hev no life so always
This Message is Daedratic Approved  Cool  Sleepy
amazing topic 10/10

ps eat dick colex u mongolid

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