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Banned for multiple reasons
Account Name: Billythepwn
Last used character name: Billypwn
Ban Reason: Attacking flag carrier in wsg
Information about your ban: no idea
Additional Information: playing too god

Yesterday in wsg players are mad at me when i win the 5v1 battle against 3 rogue and 2 paladin who blow all cooldown abilites and i easy win the combat with no health loss and not using ice block. the paladin used all the blessing of imbafreedom on the thunderfury rogues and they used the imbalance bubble too. they mad at me and the other rogue use vanish 2 times and even when the first paladin was counterspel on holy for 10 second lookout on the holy school, he imbibed a free imbaction flask. and he still not good enough to catch me that is so sad. Apparently he was smart enugh to paypal his thunderfury but not smart enough to play the op rogue class. he yelled at me during and after the 2 minute long battle, all cooldown i use was evocation and a mana crystals. the rogue die first and watched the battle ensue in his pathetic corpse as it was unbelievable for him. then the 1 arthaspwnadin died and laid beside him in his dead body and watched the epic beatle continue in awe. he even whisperd me mad things calling me tryhard. he of course was the reyl tryharding player as he imbibed a mana potion and used the sleeping dust item. after the fighting i return the flag and they were still mad in the battlegrounds, and they focus all the attention to me. they chase me through the whole battleground and follow me,try to kill me. they also convinced his team to focus me as it was not fathomable for them meeting a players this good who just played wow for a few days in starter gear on the retro wow. of cours they had the best weapon and the best armor available from naxxremis and the legendaries. the also used the trinket that stuns. they were a tryhard, no doubt. that is as clear as the universe exists and countless other multiverses, in which in every single copy of it there was this guys always called like in retrowow. unbelievable but the scientists are still learning and studying the matter to this day and will still in the foreseeable future, there is not a single fact against this. even hawking and einstein are not sure wether it is believable in the multivers, that in every single copy of them the guy is a tryhard that is just not good, u have to believe that if infinite possible universe, that he must be good in some of them but no, it is not the case.

after the bg i ignore all of the players but they made new account and spam me, they said they want dos me, don't know what it means. they used some program that allowed them to login with 50 character at once and they all spamed my whisper channel, causing me massive lag. there was like 50 whisper per second and it caused my game to have a massive delay in spell casting. and they say they know the gm of the retro wow and they pay money for the gm to ban me from the server. and today as i try to log on my game i see that i was banned. I did not cheat and play by the rules yet i am ban cause this guys have money.

We couldn't find character with that name, and we couldn't find account name you mentioned above.

Closed thread.

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